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    Could anyone assist with information on a Northern Ireland Campaign Medal to

    Pte 24724232 Thomas Robert Herbert Aicken, UDR Died as result of Road Traffic Accident age 23 on 11th August 1987. and is buried in Clandeboye cemetery Bangor,County Down with other family members.

    He is on the Northern Ireland Veterans Memorial and National Roll of Honour but more intriguingly he is also listed on the Armed Forces Memorial which is reserved for those killed on duty or by terrorist action so presumably Thomas was on patrol duties. There is also another UDR soldier killed in similar manner on the same day and may be in same incident :-

    Pte 24457522 Carl Pearce UDR aged 27, buried Redburn Cemetery, Hollywood, County Down.

    They both served in  2nd County Armagh Battalion.

    I have written to local library but to date no information has been forthcoming. I would be grateful for any information or pointers on how to proceed with research in Northern Ireland.




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    They both died on Newtownards Road - Thomas is listed as dying at 23 & Carl at 27. They are both listed in the Palace Barracks memorial garden site as being killed in a RTA so maybe they were travelling from one base to another when the accident occurred.

    Try contacting The County Down Spectator to see if they have anything in their archive for the date.

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    I googled my great grandfather's name Herbert Aicken and stumbled upon this thread. My grandfather was from Belfast and his name was Thomas. I have a cousin called Carl and find it such an intriguing coincidence these names so much ao I had to write this message! Respond if you wish we may be related! Zoe

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