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Norman ben Nathan

Cuban Guards Badge or Medal ??

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Just picked up this Cuban grouping.

Anyone familiar with what appears to be a type of Guards badge?

It has a screw back and the only mark on the nut is a 5 pointed star.

Any information as to what units would have worn this and why would be greatly appreciated.


IMG_20191110_000544 - Edited.jpg

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Hi Norman,

Cuban Guards badge is correct, probably Soviet made. There are a few threads in this section showing variations of the badge.

Who it was issued  to is a bit of a mystery still. Would be awarded inline with Soviet criteria i imagine.

Regards Eddie

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Taz: Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort auf meine Nachricht und für die nützlichen Informationen. Ich hatte ein Foto eines alten kubanischen Veteranen gefunden, der alle seine Medaillen trug. Er hatte ein Wachabzeichen, aber ich kann das verdammte Foto nicht finden ...

Pride: Grazie per aver risposto al mio post e per le informazioni utili. Avevo trovato una foto di un vecchio veterano cubano che indossava tutte le sue medaglie. Aveva un distintivo delle guardie ma non riesco a trovare quella dannata foto ...

Thank you for responding to my posting and for the useful information. I had found a photo of an old Cuban veteran wearing all his medals. He did have a guards badge but I can't seem to find that damn photo...

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I am guessing, IMHO, that this grouping may be from a Veteran of the War in Angola. They did kick some Apartheid butt their.

Or it could be from the Afghan War since many Paratroopers were sent their and they did have armor and AAA.

Who knows, Cuba is not very forthcoming with information these days. LOL

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    • Brian, Thanks for initiating this discussion. For me, it’s a combination of the thrill of the chase, the history behind the item, and the aesthetics, although this latter factor may seem a bit strange to some. To illustrate this, the very first thing I collected as a kid in the 1950’s was a Belgian WW1 medal, for service in 1914-18, which is bell shaped, with a very striking profile of a very dignified soldier, wearing an Adrian helmet which bears a laurel wreath. It was the image that
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    • Hello I started collecting when I found my first Mauser cartridges in a field next to my parents' house next to Armentières. I was eight years old.  Then shrapnel, schrapnell balls, darts... That's how I became a historian. When I was 18, we used to walk through the fields with a metal detector to find our happiness. It was my time in the army as a research-writer in a research centre that made me love the orders of chivalry. I've been collecting them for 24 years now. Christophe
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