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  1. Some other things related to insurrectional period: revista Sierra Mestra
  2. Trident is a total scam. As some of you know i've been collecting Cuban militaria since 2005. He wrote to me a few days ago on ebay asking very detailed questions about uniforms: type of internal labels, number of pockets and other details. Then, perhaps absently, wrote something he shouldn't have. Answering a specific question here is what he wrote. Today it's clear enough that he sells cunterfait ranks and uniforms.
  3. Very rare photos of members of the Guardia Presidencial. You can see a badge on the uniform that reflects the light, it could be the ones above, but we aren't sure yet
  4. Hello, i've never seen single stars for sale, but I've seen brown cotton mtt berets worn without stars. The latest version supplied is in brown felt and without a star
  5. Another MININT example
  6. Hello L. here some post about this badge: http://soviet-awards.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5095&highlight=cuba*+guards There are no evidence till today
  7. Old green beret used till 2010. Today is adopted a black beret (last pics)
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