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  1. Boletin "Revolucion", organo oficial M-26-7 n°12+ n°21 1958 Boletin informativo "Resistencia" publicado por el Movimiento de Resistencia Civica de La Habana 1958
  2. That's right, till today we have no evidence of the use in photos or regulations. It remains a mystery, personally i believe that it was never adopted in Cuba http://soviet-awards.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5095
  3. 2 different types: gold and silver plated Some info here: https://cuba-militaria.org/effekten/ Mine:
  4. From https://cuba-militaria.org/effekten/ "These specialists badges are in use since 1976. Overall there are four grades. The higest grade is the Master (Maestro – M), the lowest is the third grade (Tercera – III). Only professional military can purchase the master grade. Conscripts can purchase a higher grade (without master grade) after completion of a education chapter or rather after six months in service. However only once per year. (source: Verde Olivo, issue April 2013)" My set:
  5. Sierra Maestra bulletin / revista M-26-7
  6. Album Expedicionarios Granma
  7. Name and surname: My. Antonio .... "My." stand for MAYOR This document dates back to the end of the 60's and was distributed to the participants at the meetings with the high ranks of the government, like Raul and Fidel
  8. Made in Cuba, used by cubans, angolan and soviet advisors
  9. 6 large military exercises were organized after the Revolution, involving all the Armed Forces, throughout the island: 1980, 1983, 1986, 2004, 2009, 2016
  10. My elm leaf set
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