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    Unapproved awards of the Defense Ministry


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    Below are 3 unapproved (albeit quite nice) decorations.  For some reason, the then defense minister simply refused to sign their establishment orders.  You might find them on the market, even on the odd Russian service uniform...  But make no mistake, these were never officially approved.



    50 Years of Strategic Missile (Rocket) Forces.  Read in an article the commanding general's face just dropped when the minister simply laughed and walked away...



    60 Years Of The Moscow Operational Housing Management



    300 years of russian military music

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    Hi! Just a question to understand:

    Were these medals produced - before - approval (which didn't happen later) in anticipation that they would be approved - or - were, and are, they (being) produced - after and even in spite of - their approval had been turned down?


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    Pre order medals were produced in numbers by at least one maker.  This practice is quite normal, the Russian market being what it is (with so many focussing on themes versus provenance), they know they'll sell them anyway.  To be perfectly honest with you, the Startegic Missile and Military Music ones not being approved shocked the (censured) out of everybody, a few generals even presented the music one anyway during major events.  And incredibly, yes, some cheap copies are being made to this day...  Go figure.

    Even with the crackdown on the wearing of unofficial awards in Russia, it isn't impossible to see military personnel and veterans wearing these...  As far as they.re concerned, they're public awards.  Huge grey area...

    These aren't the only ones...  Well over a dozen medals were struck in large numbers bearing the Ministry of Defense emblem but were never officialised.





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    On 06/04/2020 at 13:28, Paul R said:

    The heraldry office there in Russia really puts in overtime.

    You have no idea...  They actually have a travelling show going from convention to convention.  Very impressive.

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