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New IGSM additions

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Hi all

just wanted to share my latest additions to my collection of IGSM, these bring my total IGSM be it singles or in groups to a modest total of 35, still hunting the three outstanding clasps, two are possible the Waziristan 1925 will be the biggest challange

  • George, R.H. Dvr, 116993, Royal Artillery BWM, VM, IGSM (Afghanistan N.W. Frontier 1919)
  •  Khan. D, Dvr, T.B.170762,  32ND Animal Transport Coy IGSM (Mohmand 1933)
  •  Khan. A.A, L / NK, 967, 2/7th Rajput Regiment IGSM (Waziristan 1919 - 20, N.W. Frontier 1930 - 31)
  •  Upadhi. B, Sepoy, 5021, Burma Military Police (1st Rangoon Battalion), IGSM (Burma 1030 - 32, Mohmand 1933)
  •  Khan. K, Sepoy, 8719, 3/1st Punjabis Regiment IGSM (Mohmand 1933, N.W. Frontier 1930 - 31)

I think this is a great medal to collect as I find it a well made medal with nice big clasps which in a way is a reflection of the period







DSC_2736 (2).JPG




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Except for a couple of WWI medals, ,most of my early collection was composed of IGSMs to Indian troops, particularly cavalry, and I still find it a very attractive medal.  Also, the range of bars and the campaigns they represent is fabulous. 

The '1919' bar  represented a huge uprising on the NWF, sparked, like the Mutiny before it, by rumours that the British Army had all been wiped out in Europe.  Some of the other bars were issued for very small, very short campaigns including one referred to - mostly by people who didn't qualify for that bar, I suspect - as the 'weekend war'.

Alos, IMO, a nice understated ribbon, in keeping with the steady, stalwart but often under appreciated services of the IA.  Thanks for sharing!


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The IGSM (08) is certainly a very interesting medal and the quantity of some clasps is very uncommon to some regiments. For instance the BURMA 1932 clasp was awarded to only six British soldiers of the Royal Artillery - all officers, as the only artillery in the campaign was the 7th (Bengal) Indian Mountain Battery which was officered by RA officers but with Indian other ranks.

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Back when Peter and I began collecting, they were easily the most affordable campaign medal.  You could buy three clasp medals for under $100; singles sometimes $15.  That's because they were regarded as unresearchable. 


Dealers would often just say "Native" in their lists.


You may know this, but George was serving with 89th Battery, R.F.A. 



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