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K.u.K. Seefliegertruppe


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So, all of them are Golden Bravery Medals recipients (highest gallantry award for enlisted personal and non-commissioned officers in k.u.k. Army). Problem is that in official Schematismus (k.u.k. Kriegsmarine 1918) I can find only J. Molnár. I have also looked into all other possible variants of Schematismus (k.u.k. Army/ Heer, k.k. Landwehr and Hungarian Honvédség) and nothing, neither Sztavjanik nor Obendorfer. Both of them according their ranks (Sztavjanik was Titular Fliegermeister/ senior NCO but heading toward officer rank and Obendorfer was Fähnrich der Reserve/ Reserve Ensign) seems to be one-year volunteers. All 3 of them were pilots in k.u.k. Kriegsmarine but only J. Molnár had the status of naval pilot and he wore Naval Pilot´s Badge (one of the 23 who met very demanding conditions). Sztavjanik and Obendorfer fought as pilots (or maybe observers) but they didn’t have a status of navy pilots.  If somebody can shed some light into the fact that they are not listed anywhere (at least I can´t find them), I would also appreciate it.     

Molnár Johann, Stabsfliegermeister (most senior NCO rank), born 1889, joined kuk Army on 16. November 1910 and promoted to Stabsfliegermeister on 1. May 1918, attached to Kompanie 14 at SFS Pula (Seeflugstation/Seaplane station in Pula), Golden Bravery Medal (GTM), Silver Bravery Medal 1st Class, Silver Bravery Medal 2nd Class, Jubilee Cross 1908 for Military, Long Service Cross for enlisted personal/ non-commissioned officers 3rd Class and Naval Pilot´s Badge 1915 ( Seeflugzeugführerabzeichen 1915)

GTM citation (GTM received on 29. April 1916): During an attack against Ancona on 3 April 1916, Lohner - L 71 (Dursky,Kuster) had to make an emergency landing after two shrapnel hits in the vicinity of the enemy port. Thereupon Fliegermeister Molnar landed beside the flying boat, took over the two inmates and destroyed the flying apparatus. When he could no longer climb up, because the boat was damaged by waves, he landed on water and consequently Linienschiffsleutnant Stenta and Linienschiffsleutnant Koch on Lohner - L 65 landed near them and successfully recovered all four comrades.

Sztavjanik Eduard (born 1890), tit. Fliegermeister, Seaplane station in Kumbor, GTM on 7. September 1918, died on 23. September 1971 in Vienna

Obendorfer Maximilian, Fähnrich d.Res., Seaplane station Triest, GTM on 23. July 1917, Died in air crash on 19. December 1917



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