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    I´ve got this wonderful painting (print) of an 1870/71 scene.

    Probably we see Ludwig Freiherr von und zu der Tann-Rathsamhausen, leader of the bavarian 1st army corps.


    Is someone able to read the signature of the artist, please?

    Thanks a lot in advance!









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    • 3 years later...
    On 02/05/2020 at 16:43, The Prussian said:

    No ideas? ☹️


    I thought it is P M 

    and surname starting Kir with one or maybe two more letters


    P.M. Kir… does not exist.


    The first letter looks like a P shouldA8297E91-F3DE-4764-B225-51949734E5D3.thumb.jpeg.f88d1e09b2dd9df7774a7b7495c0de37.jpeg

    but it also looks like a G could


    so I’m gonna stick my neck out and say…

    G.M. Kirn

    he does/did exist



    tony 🍻



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    Seems appropriate then to buy it for yourself... i hear you’ve been a good boy this year.   Just promise to ‘pay yourself back’ a pound a day til your birthday & sorted.


    Seriously, It actually seems to be a scarce book, it would go nicely with that lovely piece you have.


    But otherwise there’s this 👇





    It’s cheaper but in Australia

    & in the description it says ‘facsimile edition’... from 1987?


    You really should get one of them 


    tony 🍻



    Georg Michael Kirn

    1810 - 1882


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    22 minutes ago, The Prussian said:


    Yes, i' ve seen the copies. But these are reprints. I'd like to have an original one, but they are pretty expensive...


    Is that AbeBooks one the real deal? at 130 its worth it if your picture is in it but if it isn’t... 🥺

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