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Major Plaß, KB 18. IR, China-Denkmünze, lifesaving medal

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Hi to all,

here a recent addition to my collection which some of you may find interesting - enjoy.

Major Karl Plaß, all data according to Militär-Handbuch 1907 (does not mention his Militärverdienstorden, must have received it afterwards - help appreciated!).

In 1907 Major and staff officer in Königlich Bayerisches 18. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Ludwig Ferdinand, stationed in Landau (picture taken there).


He wears from viewer's point of view left to right:

Ritterkreuz (2nd class?) Bavarian Militärverdienstorden (received post 1907)

Bayerische Rettungs-Medaille (Bavarian lifesaving medal), received as Premierleutnant KB 16. IR for saving a person from drowning in the river Inn on 11.7.1895

Jubiläums-Medaille für die Armee 1905 (Jubilee-medal for the Bavarian Army 1905)

Preußischer Roter Adler Orden 4. Klasse (Prussian red eagle order 4th class)

China-Denkmünze für Nichtkämpfer / in Stahl (Commemorative medal China expedition 1901 for noncombatants / in steel)

Bayerisches Dienstauszeichnungs-Kreuz 2. Klasse (Bavarian long service cross 2nd class)

Preußische Zentenar-Medaille (Prussian centenary medal)

Kaiserlich und Königlich Österreichische silberne Inhaber-Jubiläums-Medaille (Not sure about which regiment he served in when he received this - 13th?)


As always, all corrections or additions are very welcome. Have a nice May Day.





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Born on 6. September 1860 in Simbach am Inn. Served as a char. Oberstleutnant z.D. in charge of the Militär-Strafanstalt auf Oberhaus (Passau). The only medal he appears to have added to the above is the König-Ludwig-Kreuz for merit on the home front.


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@Dave Danner and @Glenn J Thank you both, I really appreciate your input! Very interesting that he served as Head of the Militär-Strafanstalt! @Dave Danner is this entry from the Stammrollen?

I did a little more research and found that he was relieved of this post in march 1917 (Verordnungsblatt p. 884).

But there are more questions I hope to solve with your help:

Plaß wears an Austro-Hungarian Inhaber-Jubiläumsmedaille in silver for foreigners. As far as I understand these medals were - in very low numbers - given in 1901 to active and former members of the Königlich Bayerische 13. Infanterie-Regiment "Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich" by the emperor celebrating his 50th jubilee as chef of the Regiment. But I cannot at all find any mention in the few Militär-Handbücher I have available that Plaß ever served in this regiment.

Also in 1897 he received the Zentenarmedaille, which not many other Bavarians of his rank at this time received - so as a non-veteran and a Bavarian, did he around this time serve in the prussian armed forces (commanded?)?                                                                                                                                                                                          Cheers ArHo

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Yes, this of from the Kriegsranglisten/Kriegsstammrollen on Ancestry (Rangliste for officers, Stammrolle for enlisted).

Regarding the Inhaber-Jubiläumsmedaille, he was transferred to the 13.IR on 31.10.1898. In the 1901 rank list, Plaß is a Hptm. à l.s. d. 13.IR and Mitglied der Militär-Schießschule, commanded to the Prussian Gewehr-Prüfungskommission.

Generally, non-Prussians and non-veterans who received the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnismedaille fell into three categories: (1) they were in units stationed in the Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen, (2) the Chef/Inhaber of their regiment was the Kaiser, or (3) they were commanded to a Prussian formation (commands, units, schools, etc.) at the time of the award. Neither of the first two apply to Plaß, since he was in the 11th company of the 16. Infanterie-Regiment in Passau in 1897, whose Inhaber was Grand Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany. No Kommandierung is shown in the 1897 rank list or mentioned in the 1897 Verodrnungsblatt.

The only mention of Plaß in the 1896 Verordnungsblatt relates to the Rettungsmedaille (VOBl. v. 30. January 1896):


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