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Signature of an arch Duellist


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I have been after this for a long time. I finally found a signature of General de Division Francois Fournier (later Fournier-Sarloveze). The painting by Baron Gros is one of my favourite Napoleonic uniforms. Fournier fought about 30 duels with his nemesis General Dupont (of Baylen surrender fame) during the course of the Napoleonic Wars. He was the inspiration for Gabriel Feraud in Joseph Conrad’s short story “The Duel.” This was later filmed by Ridley Scott in his first feature film “The Duellists.”

The document is a large format post-Waterloo permission for a Lt. in the 9e Chasseurs a Cheval to retire To Tarn & Garonne. A nice summary of his war service and signed by his Colonel and Fournier as Inspector General of Cavalry. 

Bonus - the doc came in a bundle with 3 other similar documents and several letters signed by various officers. Lots of research fun ahead.



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For sure Chris.

I was in a room with Christopher Plummer and 20-odd others a few years ago In the VIP room at the Stratford Festival (I’m no VIP but i was there with one).

My wife said “come and meet Mr. Plummer.” I said “why would Christopher Plummer want to meet me?”  She responded “he probably doesn’t want to meet me either but he’s going to.”

I thought about telling him how much I enjoyed his portrayal of Wellington....not in Waterloo but in Patrick Wilson’s “Witness to Yesterday” historical interview show. Didn’t happen.

Oh well...Carpe Diem isn’t my motto.


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