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    Evening Gents,

    This lovely bar arrived in the post!

    Simply magnificent!

    One thing i learnt today...is that the Bavarian DA is available in two classes...II and III

    This bar has the II class in a gold type of wash...whereas the III class is Silver.....

    The MVK...is this whats known as a MVK 2nd class? mit schwertern???

    The EK is maker marked "Z" or is it "N"?? the HK marked PSL in a circle

    A keeper! for sure as its got a nice felt backing...and the bar is vaulted to fit the wearers chest

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    Here is another one that came as well....the one that Stogie liked...and its pretty nice in hand!

    The EK is maker marked 'AS'?? hard to read...

    the HK is funnily enough ..marked the same as the above bar...with a PSL in a circle....

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    And lastly this funny little Frack bar...with the Khyffhauserbund ribbon which should originally have the medal with it...but a HK, ( strangely enough no maker mark on it...)has been sewn in place of the Khyffhauserbund medal.....

    Still a nice tidy bar...the vet must have been a bit Scrooge like and just stuck the HK in instaed of visiting the Tailor proper like... :P

    Never mind...its all fun and a part of the slippery slope.... :beer:

    Cheers Gents


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    nice bars :beer:

    a guess on the frack bar - the guy was a kyffh?user member and wore the kyffh?user medal until he was awarded the honorcross, the kyffh?user medal was than no longer allowed to be worn on the medalbar, so he changed only the medal to the cross for saving money on getting a new bar.


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    Guest Rick Research

    That is the 1911-- yes, 1911-- version of the Luitpold Army Jubilee Medal on the first bar. The original military 1905 jubilee had a long inscription on back, with this green edged ribbon. What is on this bar was then the civil service jubilee medal, on a plain red ribbon. In 1911 when Luitpold was still above ground and had another range of jubilees they simply used the OLD civil service medal (too cheap to even alter the date on back!!!) on the previous military medal's ribbon for a hybrid.

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    Thankyou Gentlemen for your constructive replies.

    Yes Christian, thats what i had thought...

    Rick, thanks for that little gem of information, more info for the memory banks! :)

    Ralph, thankyou also for showing the differences mentioned by RR, it puts it in perspective., by the way...nice bars! may i ask to see the reverses please?

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    Thanks Ralph!

    I have seen a trend in Bavarian bars to have the ribbon-esque type of backing...instead of the usual felt or cloth backing... must have been a readily available fabric ( read.. cheap)...so thats what they used.

    My bar has really puffed up ribbons in the typical Bavarian style...

    Has anyone else got some nice bars with these medals on to show...for the different types of ribbon folding and the reverse coverings..?

    Keep them coming gents!

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