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    DDR Medaille für Verdienste in der Reservistenarbeit

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    Translated from AUSZEICHNUNGEN DER NATIONALEN VOLKSARMEE DER DDR by Klaus H. Feder and Uta Feder

    Medal for merit in reservist work
    On 28 May 1985, Minister of National Defense of 
    the GDR Army General H. Hoffmann, issued Order 
    No. 030/9/015 on the basis of the decision of 
    the Political Bureau of the Central Committee 
    of the SED “Measures to prepare and implement 
    the 30th anniversary of the NVA” about the 
    foundation and award of the medal for merit in 
    reserve work.
    This came into force on June 1, 1985.
    With this, the medal for merits in reservist 
    work was donated as an internal award.
    Your award was not published in the GDR 
    Law Gazette.
    The medal was awarded for outstanding services 
    in the development and management of reservist 
    work outside the reservist military service to:
    served reservists;
    Citizens who had served in military professions 
    for many years and who added "out of service" 
    (ret.) To their rank.
    It was awarded in the levels of gold, silver and 
    bronze, with multiple awards being possible in 
    each level.
    The award of the medal included a certificate 
    and a financial contribution. This was 400.00 
    marks for the gold level, 300.00 marks for the 
    silver level and 200.00 marks for the bronze 
    Each year, 250 gold medals, 500 silver medals 
    and 750 bronze medals were awarded.
    The award was given on behalf of the Minister of 
    National Defense:
    - the deputy minister and head of the NVA's 
    Political Headquarters;
    - THE Deputy Minister and Chief of the Land 
    the head of the military districts on the 
    occasion of the anniversary of the NVA and the 
    evaluation of the socialist competition of the 
    reservist and the end of the training year. 
    The first award was made at the end of 
    March 1, 1986, on the occasion of the 30th 
    anniversary of the NVA.






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    Nice... it so happens that I decided to turn my eye to the DDR, and already have found a large number of images to add to my site.

    Fighting a bit with a correct order of precedence, though. Does anyone have a definitive one?

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    the "Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste in der Reservistenarbeit" is, based on the NVA regulation (DV 010/0/005), placed direct behind the "Verdienstmedaille der NVA, der Grenztruppen der DDR und der Zivilverteidigung" and before "andere Verdienstmedaillen der DDR". Only 8 positions later you can find the "Medaillen für treue Dienste der NVA, der Grenztruppen der DDR und der Zivilverteidigung".


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