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    1914 / 15 Star, N.Z.E.F. Lt Salt

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    Hi all

    I have just received my first medal to a NZ officer and wanted to share a medal that belonged to a solider who served in three wars

    Lt Charles Henry Salt N.Z.E.F.

    He was Born:  11.08.1882 in Pigeon Bay, Lyttleton, New Zealand and died in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand on 18.06.1957 aged 75 years old

    Service number on medal: 4/230 (1914/15 Star)

    He was an Electric Linesman who worked for the New Zealand Railways, then later was a storekeeper

    periods of service:

    Boer War: Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, 6th New Zealand Contingent , Trooper, 2845, QSA (Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal), KSA (SA1901, SA 1902) Served from 30.01.1901 - 15.05.1902

    WW 1: New Zealand Samoa Detachment (RLY Battn), New Zealand Engineers, 2nd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 1914 / 15 Star, BWM, VM - Sir Douglas Haig's MID (08.11.1918), served in Samoa, Gallipoli, Egypt, France. Served from 11.09.1914 - 29.02.19120

    He joined the NZ Engineers as a Sapper then transferred to the 2nd NZ Rifle Brigade on 11.06.1917 as a newly commissioned 2nd Lieut

    WW2: New Zealand Defence Engineer Service Corps, 2nd Lieut, 2/5C/1066, 805672; British War Medal, New Zealand Service Medal. Served from 28.05.1940  -  01.01.1944

    There are 88 pages in his service record which covers all three service periods









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    5 hours ago, cazack said:

    Hi Mike

    look at ?


    Sorry thought it would show up one of the problems with this forum......

    Type in YEATES in search and go to bottom of page....



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    Hi Peter

    Samoa was the first victory for the allies in WW1 without a shot been fired.

    On the night of the 6 August 1914, the New Zealand government received a telegram from London that it would be "a great and urgent Imperial service" if New Zealand forces seized Samoa, which was a German territory. This was approved the next day, and four days later a mixed force of 1,413 men plus six nursing sisters.

     On the 29th August they landed unopposed at Apia. Thus the island of Upolu was the first German territory to be occupied in the name of King George V. 





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    That is very cool.  I'd forgotten, if I ever knew, that Samoa was German.  Years and years ago my wife and I were in Togo and staying in a nice hotel where it turned out that the desk clerk spoke French, of course, some English and German!  That really threw us until I remembered that Germany had Togo until the Treaty of Versaille.


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