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    who can ID this badge?

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    here's something i've had for a while, but never gotten around to identifying. i am fairly certain have seen it in reference books and in collections that consist of predominantly freikorps/veterans/20s-30s items. looks like a karnevalsorden, but my guess is that it could be chamber of commerce, public health, or agriculture related. it's an extremely large item at 75mm and has a "f. hofstatter, bonn" hallmark used from 20s thru the 40s. brass and enamel, disregard the cotton thingy stuck onto the reverse--no idea why that was applied

    anyone recognize this?




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    many thanks, gentlemen... i've figured out who has another one of these-- i was correct-- i spotted it lurking in the middle of a comprehensive wound badge/weimar/freikorps collection-- and have reached out to the owner. he hasn't been online for three months or so, but i'm very patient!

    cheers, e~

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