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    Bayern MVK 1st Class with Swords (looks very like 2nd class) please help

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    Hi All

     I got a Bayern MVK 1st Class with Swords. but not 100% sure if it is in gold for 1st class,

    the gold finish looks faded. I have make a true 2nd class aside to compare with the color.

    any comments are welcome thank you





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    Servus Eric,

    is the front medallion made of gold? 
    If it is not made of gold but is only gold-plated, the outer edge of 
    the lower cross arm on the backside must be wider. Since the cross 
    you are showing does not have a wider border, it can only be an 
    original if the medallion is made of gold.
    The cross you are showing comes from the manufacturer Leser. The 
    enamel seems good. In the appendix an MVK 1st class with swords for 
    The last picture shows the widened edge of a reader's cross, which has 
    a gold-plated front medallion. Such crosses were made from 1917, as 
    real gold awards were no longer allowed.

    Best regards



    MVK 1 X VS u RS k.jpg

    2MVK 1 mit Schw. Leser RS.jpg

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    Hi Walter

    thank you for your explanation, it is very clear now.

    I am pretty sure the medallion is not made of gold, and with thin border on the backside lower arm.

    So the sample I've got would be a 2nd class by Leser.



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