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What Rank was awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Cross 1st Class as opposed to the 2nd class in WWI?

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Hello Everyone!
I have been trying to figure out who were awarded the "gold" 1st Class Bavarian Military Merit cross in WWI. I know that the 1st and 2nd classes were awarded to officers but which ones were regulated to which ones? Also does anyone know how many of the 1st class were awarded in WWI?


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Hello Ravs and welcome,

You pose an interesting question.  To clarify things a bit, the Bavarian Military Merit Crosses were awarded to NCO's and enlisted men.  They were not awarded to Officers.  The Bavarian Military Merit Cross awards were based on rank.  There are a good many members here who know the answer regarding the rank-based award guidelines better than I do, so I will let them answer regarding the specifics.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the clarification on the officer/nco bit. I don't know why I thought the upper two were awarded to officers. But yeah I would love to know which ranks qualified for the 1st and 2nd class!

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7 hours ago, graham said:


Here is something that may help:


Wow that helps a ton! Thanks so much for this. I had only thought the crown was only for a second award but it looks like it was also based on rank. I really appreciate this. That whole thread is very interesting to read.

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