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  1. Ian, This is an interesting website that may be of some assistance: https://www.omsa.org/military-merit-cross-second-issue/ https://www.omsa.org/military-merit-cross-third-class/
  2. United Kingdom. A Royal Guelphic Order, Knight Grand Cross. https://www.emedals.com/auctions/united-kingdom-a-royal-guelphic-order-military-knight-grand-cross-gch-by-hamlet-c-1830 Duchy of Brunswick. Order of Heinrich the Lion breast star 1st class. https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/orden-heinrich-des-lowen-bruststern-zur-1-klasse.html
  3. French 13th Dragoon regiment https://www.sengager.fr/regiments/13eme-regiment-de-dragons-parachutistes
  4. Definitely not an official medal and I do think it is an unofficial medal either. It is close to the unofficial type 2 in James Michels book but has a couple of clear differences.
  5. Lastly my 1914-18 medal also with two Bronze palms and a Bronze star:
  6. And my 1914-17 medal with two Bronze palms and a Bronze star:
  7. My 1914-16 medal with two Bronze palms and a Bronze star:
  8. Great thread. This is my 1914-15 medal with a Silver & Bronze palm:
  9. This is a website that may be of interest to you, hope it helps: https://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/russian-empire/539-sommemorative-medal-for-the-tercentenary-of-the-romanov-dynasty.html
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