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  1. Von Ribbentrop in June 1935 at the Anglo-German Naval Pact: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/german-politician-joachim-von-ribbentrop-on-arrival-at-news-photo/3426869
  2. Solomon, Excellent collection 👀👍, My humble contribution, a little battered but I like it. A Bavarian Military Medical Order 2nd class:
  3. Christophe, You should be able to right click the page with your mouse and then use the option to translate to English. Or copy and paste and then use Google Translate. This is the section I was referring to, the English is not perfect but hopefully you will get the gist of it: During the different periods of its existence, the Order of Courage and its soldier's badge were produced in different places - initially in Russia, and later in Austria-Hungary (Austria), Germany and here in the studios of Nikola Sabov, Strahil T Niloshev, Onik Odabashian, Onik Chakarov and Berge Kerestedzhiev.
  4. The caption is funny but the commentary....well you decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://apicciano.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2020/04/17/captain-trump-of-the-rms-titanic/
  5. Deruelle, Some information: https://www.sandacite.bg/10-те-най-ценни-български-ордена/
  6. Some good info on this award: - https://www.omsa.org/iron-merit-cross-part-i/
  7. Excellent Brian. A couple from the net:
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