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  1. Bulgarian Stormtroopers kylarsroleplay.fandom.com/wiki/World_War_1_(Bulgaria)
  2. Basilica of Notre Dame de Brebieres at Albert, Somme www.fortunapost.com/80-somme/46684-carte-postale-ancienne-80-albert-basilique-notre-dame-de-brebieres-1905.html In 1905: www.awm.gov.au/collection In 1916: In 1918: Present:
  3. St. Quentin Cathedral abelard.org/france/germans_in_france-stquentin.php globalnews.ca/news/1623002/rebuilding-europe-after-ww1-took-decades/ In 1910: In 1918: In 2014:
  4. The Cloth Hall, Ypres roydenhistory.co.uk/eportwarmemorial/battlefieldtrips/battlefields2004/yprestown/yprestown.htm archives.queensu.ca/exhibits/archival-resources-teachers/archival-look-world-war-i/warfare-wwi In 1914: In 1915: In 1918: In 2004:
  5. 47-mm gun Hotchkiss system. Many removed from Russian naval ships after the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05 and fitted with wooden wheel carriage systems. topwar.ru/15422-batalonnye-pushki-19151930-gg.html
  6. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Serbian_Air_Force Anti-aircraft field gun "Schneider" m-907, 75mm, near Belgrade 21 July – 3 August 1915
  7. Komandir RKKA, I think it may be a 'Finnish Winter War Bothers-in-arms badge'. Regards, Graham
  8. Just a few of my French Victory medals: - Official type 1 - Designed by Pierre Alexander Morlon Unofficial type 1 - Designed by C.Charles Unofficial type 2 - Designed by Marcel Pautot and Louis Octave Mattei
  9. oliver860, Maybe it is me just being too pedantic. But these are the differences I can see. Here we go: -
  10. Here is my Greek 'Official Type 1' Victory medal: -
  11. Thanks for all the information in this thread. Below are my three Italian Victory medals: - Firstly - EMILIO SACCHINI Second - S. JOHNSON Lastly F.M. LORIOLI & CASTELLI I believe them all to be Official medals.
  12. Photo's of Hans Luthardt wearing his Knights Cross won on 31 July 1943 and his Father in uniform in France 1917. Being awarded the Knights Cross by General Elfeldt Luthardt's father in France in 1917
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