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  1. Wessel Gordon, No problem. Sorry, if my previous post was not very clear. I should have stated that there were two lists. The first and larger list(110 names and ranks) comprises of recipients of the PLM (not Oak Leaves) after 22 September 1918 and the second smaller list at the bottom, which is of seven recipients, is the list of those German military personnel(all Generals) that were awarded the Oak Leaves again after 22 September 1918, to go with their previously won PLM's earlier in the war. Below is a website that gives some information on the period from 8 August 1918 until 11 November 1918 on the Western Front, which is called the 'Hundred Days Offensive'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundred_Days_Offensive Hope this helps. Regards, Graham
  2. Wessel Gordon, Their were a number of PLM's and Oak leaves awarded after 22 September 1918 to various ranks: - Award date Ernst Graf Yorck von Wartenburg Major Army 23-Sep-18 Curt von Brandenstein Oberstleutnant Heer 26-Sep-18 Otto Könnecke Oberstleutnant Luftstreitkräfte 26-Sep-18 Walter Blume Leutnant Luftstreitkräfte 30-Sep-18 Wilhelm Griebsch Leutnant Luftstreitkräfte 30-Sep-18 Eckhard von Loeben Generalmajor Heer 30-Sep-18 Rudolf Lüders General der Infanterie Heer 30-Sep-18 Carl Nehbel General der Artillerie Heer 30-Sep-18 Leo Leonhardy Major Luftstreitkräfte 2-Oct-18 Kurt Hartwig Korvettenkapitän Marine 3-Oct-18 Stanislaus Behrendt Hauptmann Army 4-Oct-18 Ernst Busch Generalfeldmarschall Heer 4-Oct-18 Franz Freiherr von Edelsheim Oberstleutnant Heer 4-Oct-18 Georg Pohlmann Generalmajor Heer 4-Oct-18 Walter Schultz Major Heer 4-Oct-18 Detlew Vett Generalleutnant Heer 4-Oct-18 Heinrich Schmedes Oberstleutnant Heer 5-Oct-18 Hans Krug von Nidda General der Kavallerie Heer 7-Oct-18 Horst von Metzsch General der Artillerie Heer 7-Oct-18 Dr. Oskar von Hahnke Oberst Heer 8-Oct-18 Alfred von Kleist Generalleutnant Heer 8-Oct-18 Theordor von Weber Oberstleutnant Heer 8-Oct-18 Fritz Wulff Major Heer 8-Oct-18 Felix von Bernuth Hauptmann Army 9-Oct-18 Tido von Brederlow Generalmajor Heer 9-Oct-18 Ludwig Breßler General der Infanterie Heer 9-Oct-18 Ernst Kabisch General der Infanterie Heer 9-Oct-18 Otto Lancelle Generalleutnant Heer 9-Oct-18 Arnold Ritter von Möhl General der Infanterie Heer 9-Oct-18 Wilhelm Pfaehler Major Heer 9-Oct-18 Karl Seidel Hauptmann Heer 9-Oct-18 Hermann Wilck Hauptmann Heer 9-Oct-18 Daniel Gerth Hauptmann Heer 11-Oct-18 Rudolph Popelka Oberst Österreichische Armee 11-Oct-18 Friedrich Kundt Generalleutnant Heer 12-Oct-18 Franz-Karl von Bock Oberst Heer 13-Oct-18 Hans von der Esch Generalleutnant Heer 13-Oct-18 Jürgen von Grone Major Luftstreitkräfte 13-Oct-18 Erich Homburg Generalleutnant Luftstreitkräfte 13-Oct-18 Heinrich Kirchheim Hauptmann Heer 13-Oct-18 Albert Müller-Kahle Generalmajor Luftstreitkräfte 13-Oct-18 Karl Paulus Oberst Heer 13-Oct-18 Robert von Greim Generalfeldmarschall Luftstreitkräfte 14-Oct-18 Eduard Kreuter Generalmajor Heer 14-Oct-18 Max Clausius Oberst Heer 15-Oct-18 August von Tippelstirch Hauptmann Heer 15-Oct-18 Georg von Götz Major Heer 17-Oct-18 Hans Sehmsdorff Major Heer 17-Oct-18 Adolf Franke General der Artillerie Heer 18-Oct-18 Paul Baader Major Army 20-Oct-18 Heinrich Brinkord Oberstleutnant Heer 21-Oct-18 Albrecht Graf von Stosch Major Heer 21-Oct-18 Ernst von Uechtritz und Steinkirch Gereralmajor Army 21-Oct-18 Walter Arens Major Army 25-Oct-18 Oskar Freiherr von Boenigk Generalmajor Luftstreitkräfte 25-Oct-18 Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff Major Heer 25-Oct-18 Franz Büchner Leutnant Luftstreitkräfte 25-Oct-18 Johannes von Dassel General der Infanterie Heer 25-Oct-18 Arthur Laumann Generalmajor Luftstreitkräfte 25-Oct-18 Leopold Milisch Generalmajor Heer 25-Oct-18 Georg Mühry General der Infanterie Heer 25-Oct-18 Ernst von Oven General der Infanterie Heer 25-Oct-18 Hermann Rudolph Oberstleutnant Heer 25-Oct-18 Albert Schoen Major Heer 25-Oct-18 Olivier Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay Leutnant Air Force 26-Oct-18 Rudolf Dänner Generalleutnant Heer 26-Oct-18 Wilhelm von Puttkamer Generalleutnant Heer 26-Oct-18 Johann Ritter von Schmidtler Major Heer 26-Oct-18 Albert Heuck Generalleutnant Heer 28-Oct-18 Edgar Josenhanß Major Luftstreitkräfte 28-Oct-18 Hans Petri General der Infanterie Heer 28-Oct-18 Fritz Rümmelein Leutnant Heer 28-Oct-18 Wilhelm Kaupert Generalleutnant Heer 29-Oct-18 Siegfried Woltersdorf Major Heer 29-Oct-18 Clemens Pfafferott Major Heer 30-Oct-18 Heinrich Strack Hauptmann Heer 30-Oct-18 Hermann Wülfing Major Heer 30-Oct-18 Ralph von Egidy Generalmajor Heer 31-Oct-18 Ernst Hammacher Oberst Heer 31-Oct-18 Fritjof Freiherr von Hammerstein-Gesmold Generalleutnant Heer 1-Nov-18 Gustav von Oppen Oberst Heer 1-Nov-18 Hans Sottorf Hauptmann Heer 1-Nov-18 Karl Thom Leutnant Luftstreitkräfte 1-Nov-18 Emil Waldorf Generalleutnant Heer 1-Nov-18 Paul Bäumer Leutnant Air Force 2-Nov-18 Hans von Grothe Generalmajor Heer 2-Nov-18 Benno Pflugradt Major Heer 3-Nov-18 Friedrich Wilhelm von Hetzberg General der Kavallerie Heer 4-Nov-18 Rudolf Rusche Generalleutnant Heer 4-Nov-18 Friedrich Bruns Oberst Heer 6-Nov-18 Gustav Dammann Generalleutnant Heer 6-Nov-18 Theodor Groppe Generalleutnant Heer 6-Nov-18 Hans Freiherr von Hammerstein-Gesmold General der Infanterie Heer 6-Nov-18 Hans-Heinrich von Kahlden Oberstleutnant Heer 6-Nov-18 Wilhelm Osiander Oberstleutnant Heer 6-Nov-18 Franz de Rainville Major Heer 6-Nov-18 Ernst von Schönfeldt Major Heer 6-Nov-18 Adolf Schwab Oberstleutnant Heer 6-Nov-18 Otto Stobbe Major Heer 6-Nov-18 Siegfried von Held Generalleutnant Heer 7-Nov-18 Armand von Alberti Oberst Army 8-Nov-18 Friedrich Ritter von Bogendörfer Generalmajor Heer 8-Nov-18 Carl Degelow Major Luftstreitkräfte 8-Nov-18 Erich Gaertner Oberstleutnant Heer 8-Nov-18 Wilhelm Edler von Graeve Oberstleutnant Heer 8-Nov-18 Karl Hansen Generalleutnant Heer 8-Nov-18 Ernst Kaether Generalmajor Heer 8-Nov-18 Emil Berthold Meyer Major Heer 8-Nov-18 Ulrich Neckel Leutnant Luftstreitkräfte 8-Nov-18 Maximilian Freiherr von Reitzenstein Oberst Heer 8-Nov-18 Oak Leaves award date Siegfried von la Chevallerie General der Artillerie Heer 20-Jan-18 5-Oct-18 Ernst von Below Generalmajor Army 24-Nov-17 13-Oct-18 Otto Ritter von Rauchenberger Generalleutnant Heer 6-Sep-17 19-Oct-18 Günther von Etzel General der Kavallerie Heer 4-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Curt von dem Borne General der Infanterie Heer 9-Apr-18 3-Nov-18 Felix Langer General der Infanterie Heer 8-Oct-17 7-Nov-18 Arthur von Lindequist Generalleutnant Heer 23-Dec-17 7-Nov-18
  3. dond, Thanks again. Here are some more photo's , unfortunately the camera does not give me exactly what I wanted but here goes: - The three photo's below show a wear mark on the badge where the pin(when locked into place in the catch) touches the badge. The wear area is a metallic silver in colour. The photo below shows wear on the pin attachment. Again the wear is a metallic silver in colour.
  4. dond, Thanks once again for the feedback. I have had another look at the badge and found a few areas where the finish may have worn off. Maybe I am just grasping at straws but worth the effort to get some more feedback. The two blue circled areas on the photo below highlight a metallic silver colour which is somewhat different from the rest of the badge. I will put together some closer(and hopefully better) photos and post them later on. The red arrows are areas which you cannot see the wear marks on the photo below but as I have already written, I will try and post better pictures from different angles to highlight the wear and colour differences.
  5. dond, Thanks for the feedback. Stripped black(ouch!!!). Is there anyway to tell for sure?
  6. Would appreciate any opinions on this Gold Naval wound badge (non-magnetic): -
  7. Peninsula Commemorative Medal, Brunswick (Death’s Head) 17th Hussars. This medal was awarded by the Dukedom of Brunswick in 1909 to the descendants of the 17th (Death's Head) Hussars Regiment who fought in the Napoleonic Peninsular wars of 1809: -
  8. After a little more digging, I think the WAA rim markings may be W&A for the manufacturer Winter & Adler, Vienna.
  9. Nothing special but a little strange. My EK2, Kyffhäuser Union War Veterans Commemorative medal, Hindenburg Cross and Prussian Veterans Commemorative medal bar: - The EK2 is marked S-W. The Hindenburg Cross has an incorrect ribbon (looks like a Hanseatic Lübeck cross ribbon)
  10. 922F, Thanks for the feedback. The fiver is Zinc. I really do not know what the rim markings are, whether they are manufacturing markings or not . Would love to find out though.
  11. A few more: - This medal has three wound stripes and is marked 'HMA 1918' This medal has four wound stripes and is marked 'GW 18' Lastly this medal has five wound stripes and is marked 'WAA'
  12. Wound medals from my collection with different rim mint markings. Does anybody know what these mint markings signify? This medal has no 2 mm red wound stripes and is marked 'B.18' The next medal has one wound stripe and is marked 'GW 18' This one has two wound stripes and is marked 'WAA 918'
  13. macchianera72, Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Graham
  14. Some good information at this website concerning this medal: - http://antique-photos.com/ru/awardsdatabase/foreign-awards/republic-of-austria/73-war-commemorative-medal.html This one is from my collection: -
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