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  1. graham

    Gallipoli Star

    Another, a Turkish made badge? Comments and opinions welcomed:
  2. garfield3, The first one looks like a nice badge, similar to the one from Carsten Baldes book 'Aircrew Badges and Honor Prizes of the Flying Troops from 1913 to 1920'. A type 2 on page 476. The second one I am unsure, it does not have the upper loop on the reverse of the crown.
  3. graham

    Gallipoli Star

    Thanks Christophe.
  4. graham

    Gallipoli Star

    Anybody know who the manufacturer would be for this 'Gallipoli Star', marked '950'. Any opinions/help would be appreciated:
  5. Thanks Christophe, great collection, particularly the Carl Eduard War Cross. This is my Silver Medal for Merit in War with a non-combat ribbon:
  6. Beautiful bar Komtur. Thanks Christophe. Another to share... The 4th class Honor cross with Swords(SEK4X), this one is from Rudolstadt:
  7. Nice thread. Some of mine to add... 2nd class Honor cross with Swords(SEK2X) from Sonderhausen, opinions welcomed: This one is the 3rd class Honor cross with Swords(SEK3X) from Rudolstadt: .....and the SEK3X from Sonderhausen:
  8. Some info: https://www.wikiwand.com/ru/Шюцкор
  9. Although I never knew Karel, I will say that his collection is quite astonishing and as good as most museum collections I have seen. It is always sad to hear of a fellow collector passing and I wish his family my sincerest condolences.
  10. A beautiful medal indeed. There is one on the website below with a different soldered eyelet: - https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/rettungsmedaille-1836.html
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