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  1. Thank you BalkanCollector for your comments. This next one is a Field Honour Badge and a stickpin:
  2. Thanks again BlackcowboyBS for your comments. The Champagne Cross:
  3. BlackcowboyBS, thanks for the feedback. Yes most are from veterans associations during the days of the republic. My next installment, the Commemorative Medal of the German Legion of Honour:
  4. And the Kyffhauser 1914-1918 War Veterans Commemorative Medal with a 'WESTFRONT' clasp:
  5. I have a few items from the Weimar Republic I thought I might share, I hope you enjoy them: Starting with the Eastern Front Cross: Next is the Prussian war memorial cross 1914-18 for fighters:
  6. Nice picture. Reminds me of the first battle of Bull Run during the American Civil War, when the civvies turned up from Washington D.C. to supposedly see a Union victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Not 100% sure but he looks a little like FML Johann Ulrich von Salis-Seewis. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Ulrich_von_Salis-Seewis
  8. Glad to hear all children and animals like you!!! Great story and piece of history, thanks for sharing.
  9. Not sure why this picture in is a 100 books but it is not the commonly used picture of Hitler(even though it is the same location). I do not believe Hitler is actually in the picture. The picture below is the picture usually used to show Hitler at this location:
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