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  1. CARLDORES, It is an Italian National Fascist Party (PNF) Membership Badge.
  2. Too good a thread to let languish in the archives. One from me, a BrK2:
  3. Chuck, Thanks. It is a Military Karl-Friedrich Merit Order Knight's Cross. A couple more close-ups:
  4. The first group is showing the reverse side of the Goldene Verdienstkreuz: - The second group is showing the obverse side of the Goldene Verdienstkreuz: -
  5. gabatgh, I think it may be a 'Manchukuo Occupation. An Order of the Pillars of the State, 4th Class' http://www.imperialjapanmedalsandbadges.com/pillarsofstate.html Regards, Graham
  6. FAR 32, Nothing about the rocks but an interesting website: - https://ordensmuseum.de/historische-oe/der-orden-vom-zahringer-lowen-baden/ Regards, Graham
  7. Thanks dond. Another one for review. This one is a 2nd class with swords and oaks(not 100% certain about the oaks, there is no marking on them):
  8. Zähringer Löwen, certainly beautiful awards IMO. A 2nd class with swords, any opinions would be appreciated:
  9. 1812 Overture, Thanks for your comments. I have a few unanswered questions in regards to this medal and clasp. Firstly, I am not sure whether this medal is pre 1935 or not. Is does not have a silver hallmark on the rim, or the maker L.Chr. Lauer at the lower left of the Reverse of the medal. I believe that Paul Meybauer made some but I do not know whether he produced the silver version and I am unsure whether this is a Meybauer produced medal anyway. Any answers to these questions are most welcome. Regards, Graham
  10. laurentius, I hope this what you are looking for, I have circled a few of the areas of interest: This is what I first thought to be a 'BMVO3X'!!! but as you can see it is actually is a BMVO4X that has been gold plated. The flames are cast as part of the Order. This is a BVMO3X which has gaps between the cross arms and the flames: https://woeschler-orden.de/node/4000 VtwinVince, I have seen both Jakob Leser and Gebrüder Hemmerle BVMO3X's. Not sure if there were any other manufacturers.
  11. Interesting website: - https://oshawamuseum.wordpress.com/2017/11/10/dead-mans-penny-memorial-death-plaque/
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