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  1. Jeff, Enjoy your refresher course!!!!!!!! Graham
  2. Jeff, The medal on the left looks like the Bukhara 'Bukhari-yi Sharif Medal for Military Service'. I found one on this internet site: https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=957&lot=3027 The second looks similar (although not the same) to this item at this website: https://www.emedals.com/russia-empire-emirate-of-bukhara-an-order-of-the-noble-bukhara-2nd-class-star-c-1893
  3. On the medal bar, nine in from the left. Brunswick's - Order of Heinrich the Lion Knight's Cross?
  4. dcollect, Not French but Austrian made. Here is a website that may be of some assistance: https://www.omsa.org/military-merit-medal-1917-1920-part-i/
  5. The clasp was awarded for service into the early 1900's, so I assume a recipient could have applied for one from 1930 and received the later medal and the clasp at the same time, just a thought. https://hmc2.pagesperso-orange.fr/en/spotl/colbars.html#algerie
  6. Not sure if this website is of any help: https://www.northeastmedals.co.uk/foreignguide/french/coloniall_medaille_coloniale.htm Looks like you have the 'Single sided suspension' made from 1930 - 1962.
  7. Well done Utgardloki, great research. I noticed the OMSA website has been amended with the correct information.
  8. frankguzzi, there are a number of differences between the one you have posted and an 'Unofficial Type 1'. As you have correctly stated the head and neck being a couple of the clearest. There are also a number of other differences(the right foot, the right forefinger and the clothing around the chest to name a few). Sorry, but I do not believe it to be an 'Unofficial Type 1" or any other 'Unofficial' medal I have seen.
  9. I have not seen this type of medal before. I do not think it is an unofficial version.
  10. Great pictures Graf, thanks for sharing. I agree that all bravery awards are indeed prestigious, an act of valour deserves the same respect no matter whether you have received one type of award or another or no award at all. My comments were trying to highlight(looks like not too well) that some awards are a little more well known(famous as you have stated) than others. One of the reasons I really enjoy this hobby is that there is a real person behind each award/document/article. I always remember the conversation someone once had when he was asked whether he had seen any action whe
  11. graham

    Ottoman cap tally

    Gensui, There looks like something similar on this website: https://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/1916-till-1918-ottoman-navy/
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