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    Poland II Republic Regimental Badges - Authentic? To ID

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    Greetings All.  I am a collector and a seller.  I have an opportunity to buy several Polish regimental badges on an auction.  I though do not know if they are authentic.  I also would like to identify them.

    All of them have their rear screws, but none have their nuts.  Is this enough to decide authenticity?  I would love your opinion.

    Also if you could help me ID them, that would be great.

    Thanks, Linas


    polish 1.jpg

    polish 2.jpg

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    Hello ! I will try to help a bit... but as for originality it is difficult to comment.


    1. (?) I don't remember where I saw her ...
    2. 9th Uhlan Regiment - officer version of the badge
    3. 82nd Infantry Regiment (Siberian) - officer version of the badge
    4. 2nd Cavalry Regiment - officer version of the badge
    5. 20th Field Artillery Regiment - officer version of the badge
    From these photos it is not so easy to tell if they are originals. Probably no. 4 is not original, but the rest looks quite good. However, at the moment a lot of good "engraving" copies are produced and it is very difficult to distinguish them without having them in hand ..



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    Yes, no problem - full names in Polish ?


    2. 9 Pułk Ułanów Małopolskich 

    3. 82 Syberyjski Pułk Piechoty

    4. 2 Pułk Szwoleżerów Rokitniańskich

    5. 20 Pułk Artylerii Lekkiej




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    In 1979 when I was giving a paper at a symposium in Warsaw a Polish friend took me to a small shop where some 30 men and women were producing very high quality replica Polish regimental badges for sale to collectors.  With the equipment now available I would imagine that the workmanship is even better than it was then.

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