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  1. What is the size in centimeters? Maybe it is a badge of military music from the tsarist era?
  2. Hi! Maybe it is order - award Order of Saint John of Jerusalem- from Australia? Colour of the ribbon (red not black) look in this link is few photos with similar crosses (one person on page no 8), but only one person wear cross without lions and unicorns .. https://www.sosjinternational.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Bulletin_August_2018_web.pdf or.. http://i-nobili-gentiluomini-napoletani.blogspot.com/2015/03/reale-arciconfraternita-dei-santi.html http://www.iagiforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=9336
  3. Wow!!! Thank You NIck!! You are irreplaceable !
  4. 😲 I bought this order and it has just arrived.I bought it as 5th class, all in all a good price I think..but, it looks gilded ...😲 Is it possible with the 5th class? Maybe silver has patinated so much? I know that until 1937 there was no rosette on 4th class. Could it be 4th class prior 1937???? I attach photos.. Thank you in advance : -)
  5. Hello! I've smal question, I have purchased this order and have just arrived. I don't know however whether it is 6th or 7th class grade of order. In my opinio it comes from Taisho period, but Ihave to ask specialists. Look like partialy faded 6th class....but.... Regards Prem
  6. This is Yougoslavia badge, date 1.XII 1918 is date pf the proclamation of Yugoslavia, and the emblems of the chest of this eagle are the emblems of kingdom of Yugoslavia - Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. It ould be a souvenir badge. inscription : За краља и отаџбину - for the king and homeland Regards P/
  7. Hi, probably this is Chikage Oogi (real name Hiroko Hayashi) , - actress and politician, awarded in 2010.
  8. Better known as ,,Gallipoli Star" or ,,Eiserner Halbond" because he was the equivalent of Iron Cross II nd class turkish order granted during IWW.
  9. I think look like fake - modern mutation fake 🙂
  10. Austro Hungarian Signum Laudis and 1st class of Tapferkeimeidalle
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