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  1. Hi! As for me (and I'm not an expert) both crosses look good 🙂 regards Prem
  2. Any organic solvent like alcohol, acetone, isopropanol will cope well with adhesives and impurities of this type and certainly will not destroy the medal.
  3. Maybe use some commercial numismatic (coins) cleaner? In the form of a paste?
  4. PREM

    Emblem from japanese hat?

    Sorry, Nicolai😟 Photo excellent !
  5. This raid looks bad and I would remove it personally, it is not a patina ...
  6. I bought such an emblem as an emblem from a Japanese officer's hat. It didn't cost much, do you have any ideas about which hat it comes from? Size circa about 30 mm Regards Prem
  7. Look at this link http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/austro-hungarian-forum/austro-hungarian-small-silver-bravery-medal-2-bars-26652/
  8. And why do You think it is fake? Looks fine 🙂
  9. Below link with few interesting facts about russain imperial army epaulets http://www.pygmywars.com/barendspages/notes/shoulderboards/shoulderboards.html Regards Prem
  10. A few decorations from my collection - this is just the beginning of the collection of Japanese decorations and orders 🙂 Orders of the Golden Kite - set by Przemysław Zięba
  11. PREM

    ask for help

    Thanks a lot Nick ! 🙂
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