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  1. Helo! Yes, no problem - full names in Polish 🙂 2. 9 Pułk Ułanów Małopolskich 3. 82 Syberyjski Pułk Piechoty 4. 2 Pułk Szwoleżerów Rokitniańskich 5. 20 Pułk Artylerii Lekkiej regards Prem
  2. Hello ! I will try to help a bit... but as for originality it is difficult to comment. 1. (?) I don't remember where I saw her ... 2. 9th Uhlan Regiment - officer version of the badge 3. 82nd Infantry Regiment (Siberian) - officer version of the badge 4. 2nd Cavalry Regiment - officer version of the badge 5. 20th Field Artillery Regiment - officer version of the badge From these photos it is not so easy to tell if they are originals. Probably no. 4 is not original, but the rest looks quite good. However, at the moment a lot of good "engraving" copies are produced and it i
  3. Thank you very much for the link to the star description in reduced size! It's all very interesting 🙂 By the way, I read the whole thread from 12 years ago. You can learn interesting things 🙂
  4. I bought it on seller's auction https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/auction-stephan-de Earlier And it seems to be common practice indeed, thanks for the packaging! All the best! Prem
  5. In fact, the star is much like mine in a smaller dimension. All in all, it looks interesting, if it's really a fake, it's hard to honor my collection, I didn't overpay much for it v🙂 Thanks for help 🙂 I'm uploading some better photos, it actually looks similar to yours .....
  6. I heard the opinion that B.B. & Co is a German company that produces under the official Turkish order, in Turkey.
  7. All changed dimensions of the badges are jewelery pieces from what I found and read. Also jewelery items are those in their original dimensions not produced in Turkey, but produced until the Second World War. Modern copies are in standard star size. Reduced and enlarged stars were produced in the 20-30s of the 20th century. Obviously, this is the information I got, and I do not insist that there is no other explanation. There are many puzzles with this star 🙂
  8. Based on these photos, you can actually suspect that it is a fake. But it looks a little different live. From the opinion of which I consulted this jewelry product from the years 1920-1930 of the twentieth century. what would be the point of faking the whistle in a reduced size and additionally the star shows signs of enamel repair. Everyone, of course, can judge what they think, but the truth is that only Turkish stars are truly original and the rest are jewelry equivalents made in different periods. I'd love to see your ,,poison cabinet" stars 🙂
  9. All stars except the original Turkish ones are basically fakes of the original. They are called jewelery berths.
  10. PREM

    Gallipoli Star

    It looks like an original Turkish production - these stars have such a primitive appearance. But they are original, this one also looks like this, I have two similar.
  11. Yes, indeed worn by non-Christians looked like this
  12. Original from the reign of Nicholas II. It's the Cross of Militia. For Christians. Wearing hats
  13. Thank you very much, this is very nice information and best regards !! P.
  14. Both photos and documents are fantastic!
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