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  1. Hi! What do you think, a heavily used Bravery Order or a fake?
  2. This is most likely a fake, but I must admit that I couldn't find out who was this formation (or military school) , or who wore such badges. I searched, but it exceeded me 🙂 I was looking to compare this fake badge with the original. If someone can help, I will be grateful! photos from the auction 🙂 Prem
  3. I knew it was a copy, or rather a fake, but I didn't know it was so "popular" 🙂 a good idea with this listing photos !
  4. curiosity how do you like it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/164696152442?ul_noapp=true 😉
  5. Hello ! What do you think about the originality of this Russian badge? This is to be a badge of the 14th Ołoniecki regiment, I have doubts as to whether it is original, I took the photos from the auction. Thank you in advance 🙂
  6. PREM

    A little riddle ...

    Nick !, you are invaluable !! I really excellent !! You've tremendous knowledge ! Thanks a lot! Prem
  7. PREM

    A little riddle ...

    Hello! A little riddle ... I got such a photo - it's probably a Japanese medal? But which? some police, maybe fire brigade? I can't find anything about him ..
  8. I looked at it closely under magnification, unfortunately I did not find any marks..:-( Regards Prem
  9. My new purchase 🙂 Lovely 😉
  10. I missed your post, sorry !! new super interesting information, thank you so much Nick !!
  11. Thanks a lot Nick!! You have great knowledge! Regards Prem
  12. Hello! A close friend of mine asks for help, he bought the Order of the Sacred Treasure of the 3rd class, he looks like that, he cannot take a good photo of the punk (supposedly Namikawa, but he did it with a smartphone). In my opinion there is something wrong with this order and it is either very worn, or it is not necessarily the original. My knowledge is too small to be appreciated, so I present it to professionals 🙂 asking for help. Thanks !!
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