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  1. Hello ! I bought this Gallipoli star. What do you think about her? It has a reduced dimension (about 40 mm), looks good in my opinion, but I prefer to ask. The seller stated that this is the so-called "Prinzengröße". I am asking for an opinion.
  2. Hello! I think the Soviet lieutenant colonel has the 3rd grade Polish Cross of the Grunwald and the Medal of Merit in the Field of Honor, probably silver, the Polish senior corporal has the Cross of Valor, and two medals of Merit in the Field of Honor, silver and bronze, and also Soviet decorations.
  3. In my opinion fake, look at this link http://medalirus.ru/sobitiya1865-1914/medal-pokhoda-eskadry-rozhdstvenskogo.php
  4. Tak, ta odznaka muzeum jest również kopią. Oruginale są bardzo rzadkie i drogie.
  5. Hello! Is it a ordinary "kappenabzeichen" (cap badge) or a badge of medical support staff from uniform? Badges of doctors were supposedly bigger ... high 32 mm Regards Prem
  6. I think copy Look at original to compare both http://archiwum.niemczyk.pl/auction/6/375/odznaka-pociagu-pancernego-nr-14-paderewski
  7. Thank You! Can you confirm these 3 first documents - in period Meiji?
  8. Hi! I bought a set of documents awarding medals. The first three relate to a reportedly serial transport corps soldier from the Russo Japanese 1904-05 war period. They comprise the 1904-05 War Medal, the Order of the Rising Sun 8th Class and a certificate of appreciation to him for serving in the Russo Japanese War from his local district in which he lived. Is his name and military rank on the documents? Probably family name is Suzuki.. The fourth document is probably more contemporary, but I don't know anything about it, can I ask for help in identifying the winner and the date of awarding the order of the Rising Sun 8th grade?
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