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    Sachsen-Altenburg Tapferkeitsmedaille

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     I have become interested in this medal as I have recently acquired an example that I cannot find a similar example of. In reading it seems like these were awarded approximately 12,000 times and there were 520 made in bronze. I see the typical bronze medals almost everywhere. eBay in the US usually has two or three and every dealer with any Imperial stock seems to have one. They are everywhere and for only 520 having been made it just doesn’t make sense that these can be the original 520. The balance ~ (11,500) seem to be made of zinc and differ in design. I see these about 25% as often as the bronze. I was able to purchase some items out of an old collection and a version of this medal was there that I have not seen before. As I am an optimist I bought this for a very reasonable price hoping that this may be one of the original 520. Now, I am coming to the group to see if I can learn more about these awards. 
    The first photo is from a dealers sales page and shows one of the typical bronze pieces for sale.


    Here is one of the much harder  to find zinc made pieces.


    Finally the odd one I purchased out of the old collection. Are there others like this out there? 


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    Thanks. Wow a significant difference. Could be a great find!!!!

    I know in the websites below they only have the first design shown.






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