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    This may be a subject others have posted about, but I could not find any in a search, but does anyone have any information what Tirpitz never received a baton, despite being a Grand Admiral? Or did he in fact receive one?

    In 'Mythos Marschallstab' it lists Tirpitz as a Grand Admiral, naturally, but doesn't show a baton. In the book by Osprey, 'The Kaiser's Warlords: German Commanders of World War I', it depicts a drawing of Tirpitz holding a Grand Admiral's baton, but I have never seen a photographic image of him hold one.

    Does anyone have any information on this? Cheers.

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    It seems a bit complicated.

    Tirpitz was no "real" Großadmiral.

    Proper Großadmirale (with Baton) were only v.Koester, Prinz Heinrich and v.Holtzendorff.


    The Navy unlike the Army did not have the rank equivalent of a Generaloberst or Generaloberst mit dem Rang eines Generalfeldmarschall.

    So they had to "invent" something special for Tirpitz and gave hm the Title of a Großadmiral with the rank badges of a rank below.




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