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    Luftwaffe Grave Marker

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    Hi, Some years ago, I visited friends on the Dutch/German border and was introduced to a guy who was into battlefield archeology. I purchased several items from his loft to includ a Luftwaffe Grave Marker. He found it in a bunker under a pile of rubbish. The marker reads


    Uff. hans Muller

    3/Erg.Gr.5 (Ju88)


    The whole surmounted by a Christian cross.

    I am now tying to do a bit of research on the person named and his unit and am wondering if anyone can identify the unit, its function and where it may have been operating around March 1941. A big ask but hopefully, someone may have some information.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Regards Michael R

    Hi Again, A photo of the above mentioned Grave Marker.


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    The unit is Ergänzungskampfgruppe 5 which was a bomber training unit, a sort of battle school - it is this one here based in Barth:


    Fliegerhorst Barth:



    The pilot is listed in the Volksbund and is buried in Aachen while his casualty card gives the cause of his death as an accident near a place called Bankow/Brankow which I can find no mention of.







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