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    Help needed with this medal.


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    Hi, I just got this French medal from a friend and as I know nothing about French medals I would be very grateful for any advice on type, value (if any) and ribbon.


    The name ARTHUS BERTRAND PARIS is stamped lower right of top lid.


    There is a mark (impression) which is difficult to see/make out on the "tail" at bottom of medal. - Sorry for the fussy scan, can't get it any clearer.

    Also, this ribbon was in the red leatherette case.


    Any ideas if this is correct, or, if not, from which country/medal is it. (Personally I'm thinking Greece or Israel because of the 2 colours used).

    Any help more than welcome.



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    Bonjour de France,

    pour la période, c'est le modèle de la 3° république, à partir de 1870, en 1951 le modèle est modifié et existe encore un peu plus tard avec le stock.

    le ruban a toujours été rouge pour la légion d'honneur.

    sur la queue a 6h, il s'agit probablement d'une tête de sanglier.

    le poinçon du fabricant doit se trouver a environ 9h sur l'anneau "AB & Cie" avec le dessin : une roue surmontée d'une étoile.

    cordialement, Pat


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    As Pat mentions in the post above, it's the French Légion d'Honneur (Legion of Honour), Chevalier class (knight class) of the 3rd Republic era (1870-1951) and its ribbon is plain red.

    At the bottom, the mark is quite likely a boar's head (indicating the cross is silver) and the mark on the ring should be "AB & Cie" with a wheel under a star, i.e. the Arthus-Bertrand maker's mark.



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    Thanks to both of you for your help.

    But as far as my poor eyes can see there is no marking on the ring - could this mean it's a different medal than was original in the box.

    If so, what other markings should I look for and how many other manufacturers where there ?



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    Hi pat66,

    I did see it, but it looked like some damage to the ring ?

    Even with a magnifying glass I can't see anything but what looks like a dent in the ring.

    So I will take your word that it is a Arthus Bertrand made medal.

    Maybe I can see more with a microscope !

    Thanks for your help.


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