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    Sweden For Beromliga Gerningar Medal


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    I have an example in silver , Oscar Ii issue , awarded to a Swedish Dragoon / Mounted Infantryman in 1900

    I would be interested to know if anyone has ever analyzed numbers of recipients of this scarce medal between military and nonmilitary 

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    As far as I know, there is no such research done. In general there are not that much research available on Swedish medals. 

    The recipients of the medal För berömliga gärningar is not published in the state calender, so it would probably be difficult to find information about how many were awarded. 

    Can you show a picture of your piece?

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    I have seen total issue figures to circa 1990 but no breakdown of them into recipient categories 

    I do not have the technology or expertise to post a picture.

    The reverse is the type with an E instead of A in gErningar and has the recipient details in struck raised letters 

    I also have a later gArningar type to a British Naval recipient

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    I doubt such analysis has been done since awarding the medal did not distinguish between military and non-military recipients.

    At this time (late 19th century and onwards) the medal was mainly used as a medal for lifesaving, so naval personnel would probably be heavily represented since drowning was one of the main perils.

    So unless the full list of recipients shows up, we will probably never know.

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