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    Japanese navy full dress set


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    Hello dear expert friends,

    I often see on sale on e.bay these beautiful sets of navy (bicorne + epaulettes) in steel box or leather box...

    For my personal culture, I would like to know the difference between these two sets seen on e.bay. The two bicornes look identical but the epaulettes present a soft difference. A pair of epaulettes has a red Paulwonia flower in addition (photo 1 & 2) . Does this correspond to a higher rank or at a different time?
    and what is the navy rank corresponding to these two sets ?

    books on combat uniforms are very numerous, however books about the parade uniforms of the Japanese Navy are very hard to find .. do you know one?

    Thanks for your help


    e.bay janv.2021 2000€  (3).jpg

    e.bay janv.2021 2000€  (2).jpg

    ebay janv.21 Takanisi 521+41 $ (2).jpg

    ebay janv.21 Takanisi 521+41 $ (7).jpg

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