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  1. Nick, I found this photo in a newsletter of the association "the national aviation magazine" Taisho era. it is a medal concerning aviation.... or may be airships (dirigeables) but has it existed ? is what you know it, never seen for my part !! Patout
  2. Hello Nick Thanks Really what a pleasure it is to have an answer to all my questions, and with in addition "cerise sur le gâteau" as we say in France (icing on the cake), the name of the manufacturer. I didn’t understand why we found this medal with and without ribbon I didn’t know there were three kinds of badges, it's clear now !! thanks for the photo of the diploma that I had never seen, as well as for the date of end of production of this badge. Regards Patout
  3. Hello ! happy new year dear fellow collectors I wish you that the year 2020 was suitable for you to find good discoveries....... or nuggets, !!!! For me the dream came true I finally found the gold medal of imperial aviation society I’d been looking for years. And luckily this medal is complete with its case, and will be perfect next to the silver gilt model I own. I have a request about the inscription inside the lid. Can someone translate it ? and especially the left column Nick said : another possible scenario "for long meritorious service" but, does this inscription refer to a higher class or a special service? that would differentiate this model from the basic silver gilt model ? because I do not know if the case and the inscription are identical on the basic model (silver gilt) and the gold one. Most of the models encountered are from the Taisho era, is this medal was distributed a lot under the Showa era or was its manufacture stopped? and when? Furthemore It seems to me that the medal (with ribbon) was reserved for foreigners and the version badge (without ribbon) was given to Japanese. This because I have never seen a picture of a Japanese pilot (civilian or military) with this medal. What do you think of this hypothesis ? I see that no one presents a picture of the diploma accompanying the medal is it because is it because no one among our colleagues has it ? Regards Patout
  4. Hi Nick, thank you very much for these answers, for your investments and the time spent. Regards Patout
  5. I have in my collection these three almost identical boxes for documents of Showa era. I am only able to understand "imperial army" without knowing the rank and function of the soldier and their names. If anyone can translate ?... this help will be greatly appreciated. Then I have a question for the experts about the colour of the cord (ribbon, string ?) around these boxes. As we know the name "order of merit" is used for both order of R.S. and S.T. In this case where the box mentions "ONLY" one medal, can we conclude that it is the colour of the cord that allows to indicate which order it is (red for R.S. and purple for S.T.) ? right or wrong ? see below : 7th class of S.Treasure with purple cord? Regards Patout
  6. Hi Nick, Once again, thank you for all this information. Everything can be no more precise or detailed. Everything is there !! The photo of the small booklet on the lacquer shop with its history is also very interesting. very cordially Patout
  7. Good morning to you all, dear colleagues I present to you a sakasuki which seems to me to be of the red cross, inside the box in kiri is a small patriotic flag. It seems to me that the big kanji at the center of the cup 誠 means: integrity, sincerity or fidelity . The diameter of this SAKAZUKI is 12.5cm and the weight is 35g. The manufacturer’s label is still under the lid of the box, but unfortunately I don’t know how to translate it... If anyone can tell me more about this object.............. I’m willing Patout
  8. Hi Nick, Thanks a lot for this photo that I will keep in my archives... have a good nice weekend, Regards Patout
  9. Hello Nick Thanks a lot for this informations I’ve never seen a box in eighth grade in Rising sun or sacred treasure... have you seen one ? or have you one in your collection ? Regards Patout
  10. Hello Nick, Always about Tamatebako Miyake…. I have in my collection a sacred treasure 7th class with a T.M. case (already presented on this forum) but I have never seen a case of T.M. for a 8th class sacred treasure .!! so do you think ? do you know ? if the 8th class had existed with this kind of box ? and same question about rising sun, what is the lowest class existing for this type of case ? It seems to me that the lower classes are the hardest to find, and for my part I have never seen a case T.M. for a class lower than the 6th class for the order of the rising sun and for a class lower than the 7th class for the sacred treasure. Regards Patout
  11. Hi Nick, Thank you nick for this additional information. With a photo it’s better, realy nice piece. Best, Pat
  12. Hi Nick, Thank you for this answer. Regards Patout
  13. Hello to all dear passionate colleagues. I don't know much about this medal, is it a good one ? or one of several chinese copies.? About the text on the reverse there are several versions : some people say it's the biography of S.Y.Sen, others that it is the text of his last letter to the central commmittee of soviets, just before his death ? what do you think about it ? Thank you to everyone who will take time to answer to me Regards Patout
  14. Hi Nick, Thanks again for his invaluable help. It seems to me that this document is quite rare? What do you think about that ? History_Geek : Hi, the dimensions of this document are 185.5 x 53.5 (in cm) Regards
  15. Hi all, I know well as all of you the document (diploma) given with the coronation medal of Emperor Taisho but I did not know this kind of document in "hanging scroll". It seems to me that this document is nominative, can you confirm that ?, and tell me to whom it was assigned to ? Can you tell me in the main lines what the text says under the photocopy of the diploma and inside the small frame at the bottom of the document? Could each recipient of the enthronement medal claim to receive this type of document ?? or is it a personal purchase from the recipient? ................or is this a special distinction or recognition on the part of the Emperor? Thank you for your kind assistance. Patout
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