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  1. Hi Nick, Thank you, very interesting... I look at all this... cordialy Patout
  2. Hello dear expert friends, I often see on sale on e.bay these beautiful sets of navy (bicorne + epaulettes) in steel box or leather box... For my personal culture, I would like to know the difference between these two sets seen on e.bay. The two bicornes look identical but the epaulettes present a soft difference. A pair of epaulettes has a red Paulwonia flower in addition (photo 1 & 2) . Does this correspond to a higher rank or at a different time? and what is the navy rank corresponding to these two sets ? books on combat uniforms are very numerous, however books about t
  3. Hi Nick, Thank you again for this very helpful information It's perfect, Regards Patout
  4. Hi dear passionate gentlemen and experts I found these three documents of the Meiji era together with a small batch of medals but I do not know if they belonged to the same person and what do they correspond : military promotion, medal presentation, pension...? Again...I need your precious help and assistance. Patout
  5. thank you Nick for this information and for the web link Regards, Patout
  6. Hi Nick thank you for this additional information, it is much clearer. Do you know the nature of the second document (in broad strokes) ? Regards, Patout
  7. Hi, Hi, thank you very much for your answer and for this help.... unfortunately this "raw" translation always remains a little bit obscure. But this allows despite everything, to see that these documents are of civil nature. Regards, Patout
  8. Good morning everyone, I have these three documents in my collection and I have no idea of what they are ! I need your help for identifying them.... if possible.! nb: Documents without watermark so I don’t think they are very important or interesting ??? Thanks for your opinion Patout
  9. Hi Nick, Thank you for having answered to my request... and beyond !! !! with all these very useful complements about the hierarchy of the system of civil servants. Still another documentation to be carefully kept. Regards Patout
  10. Diplomat, consul, ambassador ? who is he? Hello everyone... Does anyone knows him or .........unknown ? Regards, Patout
  11. Hi Nick, Very big thank you for your help, and for your essential presence on this site. a single word : Respect ! very cordially Patout
  12. Hi Nick, I bought a small collection of sakazuki (about 30 pieces) and I look forward to hearing what event they commemorate. On the other hand, I don’t want to abuse your kindness and look like I’m exploiting the good will. Allow me to ask for more help for the translation of 3 more cups, and for the rest I would wait for next year... I promise it ! PS : Do you know a good English book to advise me on military sake cups ? Regards Patout
  13. Hi Nick, This is great .......I could not dream such a complete and fast answer !! cordially Patout
  14. hello everyone, I would like to know what these two cups commemorate, what event? end of military service?, return victorious? and especially what is the name written inside the foot of both cups ? in advance... thanks for your answer Regards Patout
  15. Thanks Nick for this valuable information, it is true that I also very often made this mistake to think that these boxes with kanjis on 2 vertical lines were only to be attributed to Meiji/Taisho. I would learn the lesson. Best, Patout
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