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African artefacts

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From a house cleareance.

A litlle pré 1930 Belgian Congo Chokwé chair.

It looks like a chair,but it is not ment to sit on it. It is a relic a status symbol.

It not big, looks like a toy or a children chair...

They can fetch treamendous high prices on auctions.


RIMG5855 (2).JPG

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Not just in Congo.

The Chokwé people just didn't live only in Congo, in fact the Belgian Congo border did split theyr kingdom.

The other part is situated in Angola.

And it must have been in the late 17 th century that Chokwé's have been confontated with the European style chair.

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Found a chair showing great similarity's in the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin.

Brought back in the early 1900's.

Seen here with mine (on the right ).


RIMG5855 (2)a.JPG

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