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    Hello  Folks,    I figured I would share this recent acquisition, as even though I have an idea about it, I would truly appreciate any additional information, based upon a more precise translation of the German terminology, & or nomenclature described within the assorted Documents ? Basically, from what little I've determined, he received the DDR / MdI's '10 Year Loyal & Faithful Service Medal', in Silver, & also that he appears to have been an Instructor, or Teacher of some specific subject or another !  From what I can see, & based on the Documents available, it looks like he served with the Vopo's from approximately 1954 through to 1959, or thereabouts ? If anyone would PLEASE be so kind as to assist me in deciphering / translating these Documents, I will be EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE !!  THANK YOU Folks, any & all replies, comments, and or input will be very much appreciated.


                     Best regards,         dpast32

    s-l1600 (11).jpg

    s-l1600 (10).jpg

    s-l1600 (9).jpg

    s-l1600 (8).jpg

    s-l1600 (7).jpg

    s-l1600 (6).jpg

    s-l1600 (5).jpg

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    Hi dpast32,

    the "Meister der Volkspolizei" Bruno Urban was a member of the penal system in the DDR police.

    SV UHA = Strafvollzug Untersuchungshaftanstalt (penal system remand prison)

    The participation in Marxist-Leninist training (M-L-Schulung) was obligatory for nearly all citizens in the DDR, especially for armed persons. There were always new training courses, over and over again (see the time periods e.g. 1954/55). In such courses he was a teacher or/and an assistent (Gruppenleiter/Assistent). At the end of these periods he had a special training with an certificate for good benefits (Zeugnis).

    The medal in "Silber" was for ten years faithfull service.


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    Hello Use, I THANK YOU very much for your reply, I truly appreciate it. Up until yesterday I was under the assumption that he was just your basic, Volkspolizei manner, & was starting to look at for a Meister's rank VOPO Tunic to display with the Group. I'm glad that I didn't act too fast in purchasing one, as I know now that it's the Corrections Officer type I really need. The 10 year 'True Service Medal' I received is exactly the Sara's the example visible on the inside cover of that award folder, so I assume it's correct ? I recall years ago that practically any DDR issue uniform was available, & all at pretty decent prices. Well, as you're probably already aware, that's not the case any longer ! But, it appears that with a bit of searching, one can still turn up all but the rarest issue items. As I just recently obtained this, I haven't made very much headway in researching the recipient, Mister d' Volkspolizei Bruno Urban. Hopefully will some investigating, I will at least dig up some cursory information on him.  Not knowing the town / city he actually resided in will make it ever more difficult, but I will at least give it a go ! One point has me wondering somewhat, & that's why was he awarded an VOPO 10 year Medal, as opposed to one identified as being from the Penal System, or Corrections ? I'm certain there was a reason for that, but it does make me wonder a bit ? THANKS AGAIN Use I appreciate your kind reply.


                         Best regards,   dpast32

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    the "Strafvollzug" (penal institution) was part of the MdI (ministry of the interior).

    The medal is a MdI medal, not a VoPo medal (armed forces of the MdI, "Strafvollzug" included).

    A "Meister der Volkspolizei" is a NCO rank (staff sergeant). I don't think, that you can find something about him.

    His location was Berlin-Mitte.


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    Hello Use, Many THANKS for the above information. Just maybe I'll be able to track him down, but as we both know, it's not at all likely ? I do have one question though, & it may be the result of just the DDR's protocol, but why is he referred to as an "Mister d' Volkspolizei' on one of his Documents, as opposed to say, an 'Mister d' Strafvollzug' or perhaps 'MdI' ?  Just curious as to why he had been listed as a member of the VOPO ?  


                  Best,    Dom P. 

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    Hello Dom,

    He was a Meister, not Mister

    The centers of the penal system were run by the VoPo District Offices.

    On 2 of the 4 documents you can see the headline "Deutsche Volkspolizei", on the other "Verwaltung Strafvollzug".

    On all documents he is, in a different spelling, a "Meister der Volkspolizei": VP.-Mstr., Mstr., Mstr. d.VP., VP. Mstr., VP-Meister.

    Interesting is, that on the document from 1956 he is Meister without the "VP", and the same officers, in 1955 VP-Rat, signed in 1956 as Rat, without the VP too.



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      THANKS  Uwe,   

              It almost appears as if the VOPO Administration ( Verwaltungs ) was attempting to find their proper place within the overall GDR System. As you've so kindly noted, each particular Document was titled somewhat differently. Initially, I had thought that the Meister rank was similar to an Officer Cadet, but apparently it was somewhere near the top of the Sergeant's grade ? I apologize for my dreaded 'auto correct' feature, for whenever I type any Foreign terms / nomenclature, it attempts to 'correct' me !! I honestly wish I could shut it off !! When I recently obtained these Documents I was led to believe the recipient was indeed your average VOPO, but I can see how the seller was confused, as I initially was. Not that I mind, for from what I've been advised, Strafvollzug Branch items tend to much less found than the basic Volkspolizei Branch ? THANKS AGAIN,


                     Best,       Dom

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    THANKS Uwe !!  I just received a pair of those exact Shoulder Boards a few minutes ago in the mail. I figured I should grab a pair in case I wish to create a display some day, & simply due to their being somewhat more difficult to locate as opposed to the basic Volkspolizei Boards. I've also waiting for the matching Strafvollzug Collar Tabs, & also have the correct Schirmuttze in my sights to bid on. All I'll need after those items are a Tunic, & perhaps a Shoulder Patch for display along with the related insignia. Just out of curiosity, have you ever come across any of the Strafvollzug type Shoulder / Tunic patches ? I don't ever recall any being for sale ?


                 Best,     Dom

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