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    Any reference sources for French civil medals?


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    As a sideline to my military medals I occasionally collect other medals that look interesting. I see there's a lot of beautiful French civil medals that are otten very cheap  - like the one in the picture I've just bought. However there's very little information I can find on French civil medals. Does anyone know of any online guides or resources out there, preferably in English. 

    Many thanks 


    s-l1600 (2).jpg

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    55 minutes ago, pat66 said:

    Hello from France, 


    you can search with " ACADEMIE DU DEVOUEMENT NATIONAL " on the web.


    here is a photograph of my collect.


    the best for all.

    P1140651 (2).JPG

    Really nice collection ? 

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    Hello Duncan and Hendrik


    France Phaléristique only present officials orders and medals


    the medals of "académie du dévouement national" are inclued in unofficials medals who's classed 

    "associative medals" and about we haven't many information as part of someone.


    have a good day.

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