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    Selling My Freikorps Collection

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    Although I don't have as much of a presence on this forum as I do on WAF, I still thought I would post this here too.


    I have decided to sell my Freikorps collection over the next year. It will be a slow process as I will sell only a few pieces every month as I still want to enjoy it for awhile. I will continue to post on GMIC, WAF, Feldgrau and other forums. But, eventually I will be leaving the hobby and all forums. It's partly due to my age (I'm nearly 70) and health and the impact of Covid (my income dropped by a 1/3 last year). I'd rather enjoy the money while I can. I'm not disappearing yet. But, I thought I'd post this just to let everyone know, especially those who are not usually present on WAF.

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    Sad to hear. Let us know when you sell something. I you have anything related to Kampfwagen, Tanks or Armoured Cars, please let me know.


    Hope your invome will increase soon. Due to Covid-19 I had to change from selfemployed to emlpoyed.


    Kind Regards


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