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    1. Hmm ... measures and weight? ALso picture of the needle needed, please. Cheers Chris
    2. As he was Prussian I would say it means V(erdienst) Kreuz and it means "Verdienstkreuz Kriegshilfsdienst". It was awarded like the Iron Cross until the mid 1920ies.
    3. Thank you. When will you be in Munich? We'll drink some Weißbier together.
    4. Well ... found this thread today by accident. Withou seeing the front of Ralphs I can't judge it, but all other tank badges are fakes.
    5. Thank you very much! Do you also know how much it is worth? Regards Chris Oh, I have seen a price. Thank you!!!
    6. Dear all, I am interested in an arab/iraqi medal on ebay. My problem is: I don't understand a word arabic. So I am not quite sure if the medal is what the vendor says. I anyone able to help me with the writing on the reverse of the medal? https://www.ebay.de/itm/255083551795?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Thank you very much in advance! Kind Regards Chris
    7. Sorry, but it is too small to identify. But ... it could be white-blue which is Bavaria. So it could be a Bavarian Freikorps or a Bavarian citizens troop.
    8. Sad to hear. Let us know when you sell something. I you have anything related to Kampfwagen, Tanks or Armoured Cars, please let me know. Hope your invome will increase soon. Due to Covid-19 I had to change from selfemployed to emlpoyed. Kind Regards Chris
    9. Pictures from the back available? I don't like the ribbon - looks new to me. The cross itself: well .... it looks like the ,odern copies, but ... not 100% sure.
    10. Vielleicht noch anzumerken: bei den Kraftfahrer-Vereinen waren nicht nur Kraftfahrer organisiert, sondern im Prinzip konnte dort jeder Mitglied werden, der zu den Verkehrstruppen zählte, also bspw. auch Angehörige der Kampfwagentruppe. Übrigens: habe in meiner DB nachgesehen: kein Meißner.
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