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  1. @Spolei: nice bar, but .... wrong medal on 5th place. This is not the ribbon for a Police Service medal. It should look like that ....
  2. If the China-Medal is not made of Steel (it seems to be Bronze), than it is a combatant bar. Sorry, but still a great bar.
  3. @dante: could youi please be so kind and show us the back of the Kampfwagenabzeichen? @bolewts58: It is not the badge of the Fliegerabteilung. It was awarded with certificate to the liberators of Munich 1919. It is a rare badge, but there were more than a few awarded. cuffband with skull of Kampfwagenabteilungen (KoKampf) - luxury version officer same from a NCO tank driver
  4. Ich seh da auch: Polizei-Dienstauszeichnung 2 NSdAP-Dienstauszeichnungen Anschlußmedaille Österreich Anschlußmedaille Sudetenland
  5. Yes, but facing the fact: the Spieß should be known. There is only one reason why this Feldwebel is unknown: he was "überzählig". But a "überzählig" Spieß? Impossible. For me it turns out that we maybe should think about the case "the EK is phantasy named".
  6. You are right Chris, but ..... still no proof for a Hammer in the Kampfwagen Abteilung.
  7. Well I have a lot of names but NO Hammer. Only an AC driver "Hammer" in the Freekorps Epp in 1919.
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