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  1. @Spolei: nice bar, but .... wrong medal on 5th place. This is not the ribbon for a Police Service medal. It should look like that ....
  2. If the China-Medal is not made of Steel (it seems to be Bronze), than it is a combatant bar. Sorry, but still a great bar.
  3. @dante: could youi please be so kind and show us the back of the Kampfwagenabzeichen? @bolewts58: It is not the badge of the Fliegerabteilung. It was awarded with certificate to the liberators of Munich 1919. It is a rare badge, but there were more than a few awarded. cuffband with skull of Kampfwagenabteilungen (KoKampf) - luxury version officer same from a NCO tank driver
  4. Ich seh da auch: Polizei-Dienstauszeichnung 2 NSdAP-Dienstauszeichnungen Anschlußmedaille Österreich Anschlußmedaille Sudetenland
  5. Yes, but facing the fact: the Spieß should be known. There is only one reason why this Feldwebel is unknown: he was "überzählig". But a "überzählig" Spieß? Impossible. For me it turns out that we maybe should think about the case "the EK is phantasy named".
  6. You are right Chris, but ..... still no proof for a Hammer in the Kampfwagen Abteilung.
  7. Well I have a lot of names but NO Hammer. Only an AC driver "Hammer" in the Freekorps Epp in 1919.
  8. Well .... the only proof could be the answer of the question "was there a Hammer in the Kampfwagen Abteilung?".
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