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    Need help to identifying sakazuki


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    Good morning everyone,

    I would like to know what these three sakazuki commemorate ?

    I need someone to help me translate the text.
    I would also like to know the name of the soldier for foot of the third cup.
    Thank you for your help,










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    陆军炮兵=Army Artillery

    满期纪念=It should be the end of the service period

    近卫步兵=Guardian means the person next to the emperor. If you are a French, you are equivalent to a veteran under Napoleon (but not a disabled soldier). I hope you can understand what I mean.

    大南氏=His last name

    The last two photos. I can only recognize the meaning of one word. I am surprised that "Japanese X" did not answer your question for the first time. He is always eager to help others.

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    Hello "1812overture"

    thank you for all this informations you were able to translate a part and I thank you very much for that.... it’s a start of track.

    (NB : I understood what you meant about veterans)

    It is true that Nick is always ready to help the collectors in their research but I think that he is realy too much solicited.

     May he bring more information in the coming days



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