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    Greetings all,


    This is probably not the right place to ask, but I'll do it anyway. Does anybody know the official name of the Transvaal Horse Artillery during the second world war? 


    I read somewhere that it was called "3 Field Regiment (V) South African Artillery (T.H.A.)", but I'm not quite sure on whether that's true or not. I also don't know what the "(V)" stands for, but I'm assuming it means volunteers. Any and all help would be appreciated!

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    Ha! for years the history of the unit has taken space on my shelves and I have come close to ebaying it a dozen times... and now finally I get to use it!!!!


    ... and I can not answer the question... they served in various theaters and seem to have had many designations... do you have an exact year and month?


    All South Africans serving outside of Africa were volunteers




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    Hello Chris,


    I fear I don't really have an exact year or date, but this is the entire segment I took it from:


    "Once the campaign was nearing its end, the South African artillery units moved to Egypt in August 1941. THA handed in its old guns and was issued with 25-pdrs, at the same time undergoing conversion, to become 3 Field Regiment (V) South African Artillery (T.H.A.)."

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    I'm guessing it could also be referred to as "3rd Field Regiment (THA)"? The only reason why I'm guessing this is because the Natal Field Artillery was designated as the "2nd Field Regiment (NFA)".

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    Very well then, I suppose that solves the name problem.


    Although, I do have two other questions. What was the pith flash of the THA during the second world war, and did they have any kind of webbing while in combat?

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