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    I have just received my first IGSM 1895 - 1902 and are having trouble with the name


    I would like to see if anyone can define the name better than I have


    the only number I see is --9-, but it could be 3294?


    rank ()sepoy is fine as is the regiment (2nd Punjab Infantry)


    name is my challenge it could be  Faitlyilli?









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    On 14/05/2021 at 12:32, paul wood said:

    Sepoy Shaiyadh? 2nd Punjab infy.



    I agree that this is a very plausible naming. 


    I can't begin to see the number, but unlike most armies, the IA did issue single and double digit serial numbers.  Usually to senior  Native Officers, I'll admit.  I once owned a group - 1895 to 1918 to a cavalry Rissaldar whose father had been '1' in the regiment when it was raised in the 1860s.  And I', fairly certain I've seen 2 digit serials to Other Ranks and Followers.  So, concievably he was "9 Sepoy Shaiyadh..." 


    The other possibility, which also needs to be considered with any medal named in India is 'error in naming'.  The workers at the Calcutta Mint apparently came with various degrees of literacy and familiarity with the 'Roman' alphabet, and it's not uncommon to see medals where the only way to make sense of the naming is to conclude that the person doing the naming either ommited letters/numbers or misread the roll from which he was working. Sorry, I know that's not much help, but... part of the wonder and mystery of collecting I.G.S. Medals! ;)


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