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    what a great looking badge! never seen one before...at 60mm too big for a kappenabzeichen, i'd think.


    both jastas were saxon and both were stationed in the ardennes in 1918. you can find basic info for both on wikipedia

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    Of course, a very nice badge! I´ve never seen it before!

    Eric. You wrote "both", but 72-74 are three units (72, 73 and 74)

    Unfortunately you are wrong with "saxon" (for all units).

    Jasta 72: Saxon (formed Feb.11, 1918 at FEA 6, Großenhain)

    Jasta 73: Prussian (formed Feb.11, 1918 at FEA 14, Halle/Saale)

    Jasta 74: Prussian (formed Feb.16, 1918 at FEA 1, Altenburg)

    Those three Jastas had never been stationed together on a common airfield.

    They were under command of different armies, but together under the 1st Army they were:

    72: Jul.7, 1918-Nov.11, 1918

    73: May 21, 1918-Nov.11, 1918

    74: Feb.16, 1918-Sep.15, 1918

    So all unites together were in the 1st Army between July and September 1918.

    That´s  the only connection I recognize between those Jastas.

    So, I assume, it´s a Commemorative Badge for the service in the 1st Army between July and September 1918.

    I don´think, it´s an Austrian one, because they didn´t had the designation "Jagdstaffel"




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    Well, 72 was stationed in:
    Großenhain, Blaise, Leffincourt, Carrepuis, Bergnicourt, Thin-le-Montier

    73 in:

    Halle/Saale, Mars-sous-Bourcq, St.Rémy-le-Petit, St.Loup-en-Champagne, Thin-le-Montier, Halma

    74 in:

    Altenburg, Bergniecourt, St.Loup-en-Champagne, Pont Faveger, St.Loup-en-Champagne, Preutin.


    You see, no match for all units.

    And I think, the sign means all three units. If not, they would have used a comma instead of a hyphen.

    I don´t believe it´s a piece of the war-time or the early 20s. Probably of the 30s


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    Got a little more information.   The graphic is an advertisement / Plakat Fokker placed in the Mai-Juni 1918 issue of MOTOR magazine on the subject of "Air Weapons".  He had just been awarded the exclusive rights to manufacture Spandaus using the new "Fokker Prozess" which replaced the "Hedetke" process, and I wonder t if he pin was given to the Jastas which field tested  the new guns?  I believe there was also the 3rd or 4th Flying competition about the same time.


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