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    Karl Marx


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    Hello All,


    It's been a while. I have recently started pencil drawing again after a 16 year 'break',

    it's taking a bit of time to get back into it, but I thought I would show you my latest attempt -

    while not exactly military related, it has it's connections.


    Karl Marx -


    Hope you like it, I feel it did not come out too bad.


    Regards - Danny



    Karl Marx.jpg

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    Mind you if some miscreant hadn't stolen his coat while he was in the British Museum the history of the 20th century might have been different, one only has to spend some time reading Das Kapital to realise how heavily it scarred him mentally.



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    Great drawing!  Thanks for sharing.  


    My only comment on Karl Marx is that I loved the scene in 'SS-GB' where the German and Soviet delegations at his tomb meet the bomb set by the British Resistance.  One of my favourite bits in one of my favourite alternate history books. ;)

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