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    Just WHAT is this guy wearing, anyway?

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    I was looking through my HSU/Cavalier/General photo pile looking for a photo to trade for the other general's photo when I took a glance at this one. I honestly don't even know where this photo came from! Anyway, it was the first time I've ever "looked" at it. I first noticed his lovely rack (and still affordable if it were out there!) and then my eyes wandered...

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    And I noticed his bottom row.... Unfortunately cut off from history by an uncaring photographer, we see that our dear Colonel General Leonid Mikhailovich Goncharov is far more than just a "desk hero" but a true "Warrior Internationalist" on even the most stringent terms!!! :love: I see Vietnam... others... Ricky, eat your heart out!!! :jumping:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Me am seeing North Vietnamese "Friendship" Decoration 4th along cut off in the third row.


    ah, no fair posting closeup while me typing!!!

    Too bad pix's wrecked :rolleyes: like that... his on wrong ribbon, to boot! Me give you 3 bucks for it, personal favor to you. :rolleyes: Me'll send a SSAE, save you the postage stamp. (I AM the Good Twin!) :rolleyes:

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    The second one from the left, strangely resembles the Mongolian 30th anniversary of the Victory over Japan medal, but suspended on a cloth ribbon, rather than on an enamelled plate.

    The third might be the Bulgarian 30th anniv of the GPW medal.

    If you look closely, you can see there was even another row beneath this one :o


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