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The Imperial Turkish Plenipotentiary General Staff Officer of the High Command "Mackensen" asks for a pass for the tour of the Royal Palace.

Major ???

Is someone able to read the signature, please?


The readable officers are (in brackets their turkish ranks):


Major Tewfik (Binbaşı Tevfik): Chief of Staff of the Turkish 26th Division.
Lieutenant Schuekri (Üsteğmen Şükrü), not to be found out, unfortunately common name.
First Lieutenant Sirri (Üsteğmen Sırrı): not to be found out.
Lieutenant Sureya (Teğmen Süreyya): Btl.Kdr. II./turkish 73.Inf.Rgt

(both also from staff 26.Inf.Div.)
Sergeant Chewfki (Astsubay Şevki): not to be found out.
Signed by Major (Binbaşı) ?

On 26 March 1917, the turkish 26th Division was ordered to return to Istanbul. Their transfer began on 1 April from Bucharest, and by the end of the month the whole division was back home.
I assume that the castle is the royal palace in Bucharest.


Thanks a lot in advance!

Urkunde türk. Bevollmächtigter HG Mackensen.jpg

Additional informations:

The problem might also be that the division was only under the HGM for a very short time.
On 3.11.16, Enver Pasha first held out the prospect of the division, but it was only to take on defensive tasks. But GFM v. Mackensen must have needed to talk...
Until 22.11.16 it was assembled behind the German 217th ID. It was to advance on Zimnicea on 25.11.16. On 29.11.16 it advanced from Alexandria on Prunaru.
At the Battle of Argesul it was deployed in the area of the Danube Army (Kav.Div. Goltz, Korps Kosch (Bulg. 1. and 12.Div., dt. 217.ID, türk. 26.ID).
On 1.12.16 it stood with the Kav.Div. Goltz at Prunaru and Draganesti to offer resistance, but in the evening it took Tarnava. From there it was to advance northeast and establish contact with the German 217th ID.
On 2.12.16 it reached the area west of Balaria with light fighting.
On 3.12.16 the 11th Bavarian ID, the Turkish 26th Div. and the Kav.Div. Goltz were subordinated to General Kosch. The Turks also intervened in the battle near Balaria. In the evening German troops entered Mihaleski.
On 4/5.12.16, the Bulgarian 1st and 12th Div. and the German 217th ID went across the Argesul from Falastoca to Adunati without a break. Bucharest then also fell on 5.12.16. Then there were a few days of rest.
On 19.12.16 an attack on Filipeski was planned, but it was postponed to 24.12.16 because of too weak Bulgarian, German and Turkish forces. The Turks and the Bulgarian Landsturm broke through the Calmatuiul and pushed the enemy back along the Danube.
By 15.1.17 they had reached the Sereth lowlands west of Braila with the Bulgarians.
On 19.1.17 the Romanian campaign ended with the capture of Nanesti (9th Army).
The Turkish 26th ID was then deployed as an army reserve.
From March it was then transferred back to Turkey as already described.
The entire deployment with HG Mackensen thus lasted only four months.




Turkish 26th Inf.Div:


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Selam Demir!

Thanks a lot! Do you have any idea which one it could be?

Anyway I don´t believe in Halil.

I´ve got the ottoman ranklist from 1912-1922.

I would say Halis or Halit, but I couldn´t find the 26th division in that book...


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