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    Egypt ?


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    Thank you Megan when I saw it my old relation Uncle Smirnov had paid me a lengthy visit, I knew it  was royal Egyptian Merit award but, apart from that, the aged brain in my possession  had decided to seek functioning. May you, your family and loved ones have a great Christmas (not the bloody woke winter festival).







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    I'm off on a cruise to the Canaries over Christmas & New Year. Given the amount I had to pay for the drinks package I expect to be half-pickled for most of the trip. Gotta get one's money's worth, after all. I am taking a laptop, but no idea how good the wifi will be.

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    Owain identified this as an Egyptian monarchy-in-exile version of the Medal for Meritorious Acts in his post of 29 July, 2021 on the thread "Unknown Egyptian"? Medal in Lattes Case", started by JackCR on 11 June 2020, here in the Middle East & Arab States section. Owain wrote: "possibly by Worth, for the claimant to the Egyptian throne - Ahmed Fuad II (or his son Prince Mohammed Ali) who reigned as an infant 1952/3 until the Republic was proclaimed." That thread mostly discusses  and illustrates the pre-1952 version of the Medal for Meritorious Acts (and the Medal of Devotion and the Medal of Benevolence, all 3 medals were instituted by King Fuad I in 1923, each issued in 3 Classes in gold, silver, and bronze) but also includes this particular monarchy-in-exile medal shown above. I initially mistook this modern version of the Medal for Meritorious Acts on eBay as an inaccurate replica until Owain identified it as the monarchy-in-exile design and case. 

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