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    Heinrich "Gestapo" Mueller awards

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    Hi all, i would like ask for assistance on the above individual, hes always been a bit of a mystery, however it would now seem that his demise seems has been confirmed as april 1945, and his remains interred in a jewish cemetery of all places. 

    My query is the ribbon bars shown on tge attached image. The top row are quite easy as they are fairly standard imperial/tr awards, the bottom row are the ones in question as they appear to be non-german. The only one i can recognise is the 2nd one, which to me looks like the Italian order of the Crown. Any experts abke to advise on the remaining visible ones? 

    Any help appreciated, sorry for the limited quality images. 


    Alex k


    -heinrich Mueller.jpg

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    I believe the first one on the left of the bottom row of ribbons is one of the degrees of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, a gold crown on light green ribbon. The same style was awarded to SS OGF Fritz Weitzel as shown here in some of his ribbon bars. That particular Italian award was commonly given to German police officials such as Daluege and Heydrich, as well as Himmler. No reason Mueller wouldn't have received it.


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    Just guessing:

    1. Italian Order of SS. Maurice & Lazarus 

    2. Italian Order of the Crown

    3. Hungarian Order of Merit

    4. Yugoslav Order of St. Sava

    5. Bulgarian Order of Military Merit

    6. ???

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    I think the two crowns represent the grade of Grand Officer of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus.  Weitzel had two crowns on his ribbon bar and was not awarded the order of the Crown as we discovered in researching his service.

    Sadly no foreign awards are listed on Müller's SS officer file card.

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