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  1. I have found this in my files. I cannot recall where it was sold. It was named to Arthur Gaede.
  2. Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knight of Honour and Devotion (possibly Bailiff Grand Cross, given the size) The Equestrian of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Knight Grand Cross He was certainly Roman Catholic. Also a member of the aristocracy given the grade of the Order of Malta.
  3. Dear all, Does anyone know where I could obtain 16mm wide UK Order of Merit ribbon (military type)? It would be a miniature type ribbon I am looking for. Many thanks, Pierce
  4. Many thanks for clarification.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I assume these will only be issued to those in attendance?
  6. Lovely medal bar. I have a ribbon bar with similar combination, minus the oak leaves.
  7. I have similar suspicions. This bar and the one in the photo are definitely two different medal bars. This is supposedly Looff's medal bar.
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