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  1. I can assist with these, and would agree with your suggestions: 8: I think this is the Ottoman War Medal 9: Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross with War Decoration
  2. Regarding the Colonial Medals- his service record should give you an indication of what types of medals these were.
  3. I believe your summation of he medal bar is correct. Looking at the ribbon I too agree that the cross at No. 8 is Schaumberg Lippe.
  4. There is a story in our family that 2 members served with the RAF, at different times. Is it possible to confirm if they joined up? If anyone can assist, their details are: Vincent Clerkin, 31.08.1912-00.00.19?? (lived in Co. Durham) John Clerkin, 00.00.1936-00.03.2016 Both originated in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Vincent was John's uncle. Based on their dates of birth Vincent may have served in WW2 and John probably in the 1950s/60s, but this is merely a guess. Kind regards, Pierce
  5. Just looking at this photo again- perhaps No. 7 is the Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz. What we see as a "Crown" may actually be the furl of the ribbon. The ribbon furl (at the bottom) appears to be in line with the medal next to it. Just a thought.
  6. It would fit and in the right place but I would like to hear some explanation for what appears to be a crown device.
  7. Interesting. 3, 8 & 9 look correct to me. Perhaps there is an "expert" on Turkish medals that could chip in here.
  8. Not necessarily. If your guy was in the Police between the Wars and rejoined the Army he could have 25 years service and would not be listed in the Rank List. Just something to consider. Kind regards, Pierce
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