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  1. I think this is Major Louis Alfred Carl Oscar Müldner von Mülnheim's medal bar. This image came from a thread here I believe.
  2. Oberbürgermeister Willy Liebel wearing his chain of office.
  3. The cross does appear to be Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross 1st Class. The neck order could be the Reuss Honour Cross with Swords? Kind regards, Pierce
  4. Second ribbon could be for the Baden Karl Friedrich Military MEDAL with a superfluous crown device? The third ribbon could then be the Bavarian Military Merit CROSS.
  5. Agree. There is only one Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and this is not it, nor connected to it.
  6. Erich Schlegel was not a Roman Catholic. If you are referring to the pectoral cross he is wearing- these were not just worn by Catholic Bishops.
  7. Claudio, I will not try to convince you but some evidence that may help- this bar seems to show the Imperial medals important to the Duke. A similar combination is seen in the photo you posted, including the Luftschutz Decoration and the British Jubilee Medal. This British medal would be quite uncommon, if not "rare" on a German bar and certainly one made during the 1940s. A link perhaps to the Duke's lost English titles. Your bar certainly shows all awards that he possessed. The only one I personally was not aware of was the Japanese Red Cross, but it certainly makes sense for him to have this given he was head of the German Red Cross. Best wishes. Pierce Just to add that the 1897 Clasp on the British Queen Victorian Jubilee Medal signifies that he also held the Golden Jubilee Medal (1887). The clasp was given in lieu of a second medal. This too might narrow the field. Best, Pierce
  8. A fantastic ribbon bar. If I was to hazard a guess I would say one of the bars of Herzog Carl Eduard von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha
  9. Hi Nicolas, It is possible he didn't put it on the bar, but why leave one decoration off. Also, it is hard to know what the Oldenburg ribbon represents. The bar appears to be mounted in Prussian fashion so other States' etc., awards would come after. Just something to consider. Kind regards, Pierce
  10. Hi Nicolas, Did you not already ID this one using the 1913 RL? Kind regards, Pierce
  11. Here is Hermann Goring in 1933 wearing the Grand Cross of the Ernestine House Order at the neck, below his Pour le Mérite. It could just have been his personal choice on the night, but another example, nonetheless. Kind regards, Pierce Also, like Friedrich August, Goring is wearing more than one Grand Cross. He is also wearing the Italian Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus with the Grand Cross hanging on the sash, as permitted.
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