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  1. Here is Hermann Goring in 1933 wearing the Grand Cross of the Ernestine House Order at the neck, below his Pour le Mérite. It could just have been his personal choice on the night, but another example, nonetheless. Kind regards, Pierce Also, like Friedrich August, Goring is wearing more than one Grand Cross. He is also wearing the Italian Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus with the Grand Cross hanging on the sash, as permitted.
  2. Saschaw, Thanks for the reply. I honestly cannot remember what the query was in relation to but are there any Prussian OR Hohenzollern Jubilee medals with these years? Kind regards, Pierce
  3. Franz von Papen was also a holder of the Vatican Order of Pope Pius IX.
  4. Saschaw, Thank you for this wealth of additional information! I still have this piece (that began the thread). Kind regards, Pierce
  5. Additionally, here is Scheer's entry in the 1918 Naval Rank List. Kind regards, Pierce
  6. 1. Prussian Crown Order 4th Class with Swords 5. Prussian Long Service Decoration 6. China Medal 8. Anhalt Albrecht the Bear 1st Class
  7. Good work. Certainly rare to see Germans with Chinese Orders! What is the full/correct name for this award? Thank you
  8. Possibly the China Republican Order of the Striped Tiger.
  9. I have had this medal bar a few years. Unfortunately, the Zahringer Lion Order is missing. The combination is perhaps uncommon? The hook/clip on the reverse is interesting. Would it have been to keep the medal bar sitting straight on the tunic? Kind regards, Pierce
  10. I would be grateful for opinions on this piece. It is non-magnetic. Thank you, Pierce
  11. This had crossed my mind too. It might account for the reason why we cannot find him.
  12. Nicolas, Have you a first name? How did you locate this surname? If there is other available "proof" please post it as it may be of use. Kind regards, Pierce
  13. Online sources state 06.07.1939, probably around the time Prince Paul of Yugoslavia visited Berlin.
  14. I was just comparing the sizes!! Great minds. Is there an award date for the one pictured above? Could one be awarded by the Spanish Royals and the other by Franco? The one in the first photo looks smaller.
  15. No way to confirm this unknown star as the photo does not give much to go on. It could be the Spanish Order of Military Merit in Red, given what is represented on his ribbon bar, but the ribbon bar does not confirm the grade of award. Given this though, it is probably a more plausible theory than a higher grade of the Naval Merit Order which is not impossible but less likely. Another alternative is a foreign order unaccounted for/unknown thus far. For example, if it weren't for this photo above we would not know he was awarded the Croatian Order of King Zvonimir. It's not represented on his ribbon bar.
  16. This is the correct date going by the award certificate. I have a note that this image comes from the 1999 Huesken Catalog.
  17. I have found this in my files. I cannot recall where it was sold. It was named to Arthur Gaede.
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