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  1. There is a story in our family that 2 members served with the RAF, at different times. Is it possible to confirm if they joined up? If anyone can assist, their details are: Vincent Clerkin, 31.08.1912-00.00.19?? (lived in Co. Durham) John Clerkin, 00.00.1936-00.03.2016 Both originated in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Vincent was John's uncle. Based on their dates of birth Vincent may have served in WW2 and John probably in the 1950s/60s, but this is merely a guess. Kind regards, Pierce
  2. Just looking at this photo again- perhaps No. 7 is the Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz. What we see as a "Crown" may actually be the furl of the ribbon. The ribbon furl (at the bottom) appears to be in line with the medal next to it. Just a thought.
  3. It would fit and in the right place but I would like to hear some explanation for what appears to be a crown device.
  4. Interesting. 3, 8 & 9 look correct to me. Perhaps there is an "expert" on Turkish medals that could chip in here.
  5. Not necessarily. If your guy was in the Police between the Wars and rejoined the Army he could have 25 years service and would not be listed in the Rank List. Just something to consider. Kind regards, Pierce
  6. There is a pretty good thread on this topic in this forum already. Use the search function and it should come up.
  7. Around the neck: Top: Johanniter-Orden Bottom: Komturkreuz 2. Klasse des Herzoglich Sachsen-Ernestinischen Hausordens Medal bar: - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse - Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden 4. Klasse mit der Krone ??? - Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden 3. Klasse - ??? something with a wreath and possibly crown device - Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz - China-Denkmünze in Bronze ??? - Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 1: Königlich Preußische Erinnerungszeichen zur Silbernen Hochzeit 1906 2: To me this looks like the Offizierskreuz des Königlich Sächsischen Albrechts-Ordens mit Schwertern 3: Johanniter-Orden 4: ??? Unsure. This does look like the Württemberg Crown Order at first glance. The Brunswick Order would certainly make more sense, but I do not see the little crown device as in the one pictured.
  8. Not a colour photo, but might give you an idea of the detail.
  9. 2. Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden 1. Klasse OR Kaiserlich Russischer St. ann-Orden 2. Klasse mit Stern 3. ??
  10. Breast Star: Is it the Kaiserlich Chinesischer Orden vom Doppelten Drachen 2. Klasse, 2. Stufe Looks like it, as confirmed by RL. What is the medal hanging from the 2nd buttonhole Looks like Prussian Crown Order 4th Class Medal bar: - Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden 4. Klasse or 3. Klasse mit der Schleife ??? - Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden 3. Klasse - Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz - China-Denkmünze or Kolonial-Denkmünze ??? - Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 - Königlich Bayerischer Militärverdienstorden 3. Klasse - Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse des Großherzoglich Badischen Ordens vom Zähringer Löwen - Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse des Großherzoglich Hessischen Verdienstordens Philipps des Großmütigen ??? - Fürstlich Waldeckisches Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse ??? - Ritterkreuz 2. Klasse des Königlich Schwedischen Schwertordens
  11. I think this is Major Louis Alfred Carl Oscar Müldner von Mülnheim's medal bar. This image came from a thread here I believe.
  12. Oberbürgermeister Willy Liebel wearing his chain of office.
  13. The cross does appear to be Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross 1st Class. The neck order could be the Reuss Honour Cross with Swords? Kind regards, Pierce
  14. Second ribbon could be for the Baden Karl Friedrich Military MEDAL with a superfluous crown device? The third ribbon could then be the Bavarian Military Merit CROSS.
  15. Agree. There is only one Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and this is not it, nor connected to it.
  16. Erich Schlegel was not a Roman Catholic. If you are referring to the pectoral cross he is wearing- these were not just worn by Catholic Bishops.
  17. Claudio, I will not try to convince you but some evidence that may help- this bar seems to show the Imperial medals important to the Duke. A similar combination is seen in the photo you posted, including the Luftschutz Decoration and the British Jubilee Medal. This British medal would be quite uncommon, if not "rare" on a German bar and certainly one made during the 1940s. A link perhaps to the Duke's lost English titles. Your bar certainly shows all awards that he possessed. The only one I personally was not aware of was the Japanese Red Cross, but it certainly makes sense for him to have this given he was head of the German Red Cross. Best wishes. Pierce Just to add that the 1897 Clasp on the British Queen Victorian Jubilee Medal signifies that he also held the Golden Jubilee Medal (1887). The clasp was given in lieu of a second medal. This too might narrow the field. Best, Pierce
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