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    I need help in Belgium

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    • 4 months later...
    On 12/10/2023 at 21:06, revolutie1830 said:




    Hello Igor, your medal misses its crown. It should be like the picture included.

    Greetings, Werner 


     Hi Werner, 

    today I receive one more medal without crown too … 

    Can you help me with name of receipient ? 
    Thank you very much ! 



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    Hello Igor,


    Take a chair, sit down and be as amazed as I was at the coincidence :




    The reverse inscription reads : "V.H. HURST / EN VUE / DE RAMSGATE / 15 JANV. / 1860".

    The award was duly published in the Belgian official journal (Staatsblad) and refers to the Royal Decree of 15 September 1861 and Ministerial Decree No. 267 of 24 September 1861 awarding the medal to Mr. Hurst and similar silver medals to the crews of the two boats that went to rescue the Daniel's crew.
    The citation lists the twelve recipients of the silver medal and specifies the circumstances for the bestowal :
    During its voyage from Antwerp to Liverpool, the ship "Daniel" was caught, on 15 January 1860, by a heavy storm and, through the heavy winds, thrown on the Goodwin Sands, where it sank. Seamen from two vessels, the "Buffalo Gal", of Ramsgate, and the "Briston Pride", of Deal, seeing the danger to which the Belgian ship's crew was exposed, immediately set out to help and, despite the raging storm, managed to get sufficiently close to the ship to receive its crew on board their own vessels and land them at Ramsgate subsequently.
    The British crews which were decorated were :
    Buffalo Gal : V.H. Hurst, skipper, Crouck Stephen, Knott John, Deperdus James, Oldfield Stephen, Horton Samuel.
    Briston Pride : Henry Spears, skipper, Middleton William, Spears Thomas, Spears William, Wilkins Thomas, Tapley Edward.
    With the valuable help of Mr. M. Twyman of the Margate Historical Society, it has been possible to learn some more on the aftermath of the rescue operation :
    On the night of 14th January 1860 the Belgian sailing vessel "DANIEL" of Louvain, ran onto the Goodwin Sands in position 51.17N 01.29E.  The "DANIEL" was of wooden construction and on a voyage from Antwerp to Liverpool with a cargo of Iron Ore and Bark.  On the morning of 15th January the Ramsgate Harbour Steam Tug (probably "AID") towed the vessel off the sands and commenced a slow tow towards the shelter of Ramsgate Harbour.  At 3 p.m. the "DANIEL" foundered in the Gull (a channel through the sands), all the crew being saved. The vessel was commanded by Captain Van Yper.


    So, as you can see, both your medal and mine were for the same action and to members of the same rescue crew !!!



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