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    Hello everyone,
    I am looking for information on Major Von Peschke (I do not know his first name), commander of the 1st Btn of IR 52 at mobilisation. It would seem that he then joined the GR 12 as Rgt.Führer from 25/09/1914. I then found a trace of an Oberslteutnant Von Peschke (without a first name) as Rgt.Kdr of IR 20 from 05 February to 03 October 1917. Is this the same officer?
    Here is a photo of the one mentioned in the history of IR 20.
    thank you in advance


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    In the "Ehren Rangliste" 1914-18 it lists Major  Peschke as serving with IR 52 and then going to Kdr of IR20. Retired with Rank of Generalmajor. So I would say it is the same guy as you have in the picture. There is no mention of him serving in GR 12 though.



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    yes, same guy; Hans von Peschke. Promoted to Oberst on 25 February 1918 and charakter as a Generalmajor on 12 March 1920. Later commandant of Cöln and then Bezirkskommandeur of Landwehr-Bezirk I Bremen. He is listed as a Regiments-Führer of GR 12 in Voigt's "Deutschlands Heere bis 1918."




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    Good evening Mike and Glenn,
    Many thanks for your prompt reply. That's the problem with identifying Rgt Führers. Very often the first names are not mentioned and it becomes very difficult to identify the people. I often have the same problem with the Btn Kdrs whose first names do not appear on the histories...
    You have to be patient to find the links.
    Have a good weekend and see you soon.

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