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    What kind of cross is this?

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    Looks Belgian to me as well. They have (or had) a lot of societies and organisations that produce very 'real' looking awards and I think this may be one of them... it's not something awarded by the Belgian state.

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    Hello Megan.

    This is a Belgian non official medal " La Croix Verte Colonial". I have to find my documentation but as soon as I've found it I will come back with more information.

    They excist als without rosette " Chevalier" or Knight

    With rosette Officier or Officer.



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    BELGIAN CONGO, The Colonial Green Cross of Belgium,

    The Colonial Green Cross of Belgium,

    Bronze plaque, 89 x 71mm, by Oscar De Clerck, two Europeans in colonial costume sitting at the foot of a baobab, above them, the Congolese star and a cross , rev. THE COLONIAL GREEN CROSS OF BELGIUM awarded to "Mr. René COTY, PRESIDENT of the FRENCH REPUBLIC 1954" (Vancraenbroeck 59).

    The Belgian Colonial Green Cross, created in Paris in 1888, aimed to help soldiers and civilians repatriated from Africa. After independence, it became the African Green Cross of Belgium and came to the aid of Africans. This plaque was awarded to President René Coty in gratitude for his help with the French paratroopers in Stanleyville.

    PROVENANCE: Antwerp Collection. Elsen, sale 71, Lot 3816.
    Unique, marks on the edge, superb.




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