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    I have questions about the awarding and wear of the Army Jubilee medal and the Luitpold Medals. 


    1. Could a guy be awarded both of them?


    2. If they could be awarded both, would they both be worn on a medal bar at the same time?


    3. Is there some rule that would dictate that one medal (say the Jubilee Medal) would be worn on the Luitpold medal ribbon?


    I'm trying to make sense of this medal bar. My first thought was the ribbon has faded over time but after careful checking and measuring I can say it is definitely the ribbon for the Luitpold ribbon. Since you had to be living in Bavaria at the time both awards were issued I can't apply the "close enough" excuse for the mismatch.




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    I know. The Baden Field Division.  The bar came with the Bavarian Army Jubilee medal hanging from that ribbon. I've been thru the bander catalog and while the ribbon for the Army Jubilee is close it is not correct. If the wearer was a Badner that somehow received the Jubilee medal he would still have to be living in Bavaria to receive it. Therefore he would have had the correct ribbon for it. Or perhaps he was a Bavarian who served in the Baden Army.


    On the other hand, if he received the Luitpold medal, which this ribbon it the correct one for that, then he was still living and working in Bavaria. Again, not a problem as since they were now all considered  Germans I am sure that they could move from one state to another to live and work. 


    Which led me to my final question- Could he have been awarded both and the regulations have some funny way of denoting this, like wearing the Jubilee medal on the Luitpold ribbon to show both were awarded? 


    Either this configuration is correct or someone swapped out the Luitpold for the Jubilee medal. I'm covering all the bases before swapping back.

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