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    I continue to wander off to see what my example looks like and get distracted. I will locate it.

    If I recall correctly their are two different sword blade shapes for these membership pins.



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    Indeed, you are correct Joe, I had forgotten about the different types of hilt.  However what worries me is the filled in centre spaces, I'm sure that all the ones that I've seen have been cut out?  It is unfortunate that the background colour matches the spaces in the obverse picture so it is not so noticeable....

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    Hi Don. I noticed the no cutouts. So far I have not come across another example exactly like the one shown.

    I also note Munchen as opposed to the normally seen Munch.

    I wonder what a side by side comparison of the lettering would show?

    It appears the non cutouts are darkened on the obverse.



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    Hi !

    Thank you for your interest in the topic. I cleaned up the dark spots where the cutouts should have been. They are silver, just like the entire badge, apart from the sword and the ear of corn, of course.Unfortunately, it's hard to see in the photo. I'm not a very good photographer.

    Regards !

    20240314_170853 (1).jpg

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