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    Egypt - Order of Ismail

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    Hi Jan,


    Looks - good - a Lattes made piece - I can see a hallmarks just below 3 o'clock but cannot read the date letter. I suspect this dates from the 1920's. I would suggest that a price from $2,500 to $3,000 would be good for the buyer, however the seller may want more!



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    Owain is of course completely correct, it is all the proper configuration. If the seller provides a measurement, 70 mm diameter is a 2nd Class breast star and 80 mm is a 1st Class breast star. A 2nd class neck badge & breast star (without the ribbon for the neck badge) with attribution to a specific individual sold in 2021 for 4500 Euros. a 1st Class breast star without the sash badge, sash, or case, ands with enamel damage to one arm, was estimated to fetch 500-800 GBP in March 2023. 

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    Posted (edited)

    After two days of bargaining I bought it at the price indicated by Owain. I am glad that I finally have a star of the order that I consider the most beautiful in the world. The diametter is 82 mm, so Grand Cross. Thank you again for your assistance 🙂.

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    Howdy Jan, Congratulations on getting this breast star! These are the 3 Egyptian assay hallmarks. The leftmost is the mark of the Cairo Assay Office purity mark for silver = 900 silver (90%); the center mark is a cat, indicating Egyptian-made silver (used between 1916-1946); the final mark on the right is a date hallmark, "B" = an assay date of 1927-1928. 

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