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    What connection exists between Miss M. Dunkley and General De Gaule?

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    Can you guess what connection exists between Miss M. Dunkley and General De Gaule?


    It's a date, June 18, 1940.


    That day General De Gaule gave is famous speech "L'Appel du 18 juin / The Appeal of 18 June" after his arrival in London in 1940 following the Battle of France.


    Broadcasted to France by the radio services of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Appeal of 18 June - Wikipedia


    So what about Miss M. Dunkley? Unfortunatly I know nothing about her. But that day she was awarded the "Red Cross First Aid Proficiency Badge" #017497.










    I found a Mrs R. Dunkley in Northampton with the British Red Cross, but it was just when the pandemic started. 


    I was confused about how to contact this person, so I didn't.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    Posted (edited)

    Dear ashley58,


    Thank you for your interest. Yes, pure coincidence, that's why I bought it and I liked it.

    And yes I should contact the Red Cross, now that the pandemic is over.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    I agree, the ‘quirky’ details can give an item extra qualities.


    I previously owned a medal set belonging to an Indian soldier who had served in the British army in ww2.


    His service number was :


    India gained its independence on :




    tony 🍻



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    Hi No one,
    I’ve just seen on the Red Cross website that badge number 17587 was issued in July 1934.


    Your second voucher says that she was ‘re-examined’ and passed.

    I think your lady originally earned her badge in 1933/34 and then renewed it in 1940 to contribute to the war effort.


    I think you will find the contact details here, they seem to have comprehensive records/archives but I couldn’t suss out how/if you can search them 🤷‍♂️ even if they are not accessible online I imagine they are via request.





    tony 🍻



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    Dear Farkas,


    Thank you for the information. I missed the 're' in 're-examined'. I'll contact the RC.


    So the medal was issued in 1933/34 #017497 and the voucher on June 18, 1940. That's why the number on the voucher is different #024508 and the medal one is added handwritten.I found this to be intriguing.


    "His service number was :


    India gained its independence on :



    I like this kind connection, coincidence. As you said 'it add an item extra qualities'.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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