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    Zaire - Order of Leopard


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    Hello guys,

    I have just bought this nice order. I like the design. Dont you know, who was the producer and how many pieces was produced? Also the size 85 mm is strange. 






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    Second type [1978-2002?] commander badge. Likely made in Brussels, Belgium by Fibru-Fisch or DeGreef.  If it has hard enamel rather than epoxy enamel might be silver gilt--if so, perhaps maker or silver fineness hallmark on suspension ring or cravat loop.  Award names/numbers supposedly recorded by Orders Secretary & published in Zaire National Gazette.  Never located copies of Gazette in Kinshasa or Brussels & both manufacturers closed-mouth so hard to say how many actually awarded or made.  The box looks original:  some have outer upper lid embossed with gilt edging and gilt legend "O. Nat. du Leopard" or similar embossed in center.       



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    Thank you very much. It has hard enamel, seems to be silver gilt. There are some hallmarks on a ring but I am not able to idetify them. 


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    The marks are difficult for me to 'read'.  One may be a lion statant and the other character "EL"?  Do not recall meaning for either.  Believe that Antti Ruokonen's Belgium book {Spirit of the Lion} illustrates/identifies hallmarks -- I can't find my copy now to check.  The GMIC thread belgian Order of Leopold l may offer hallmark identification examples.  


    Does the box have any indicia?


    https://www.silvercollection.it/DICTIONARYEUHALLMARKBELGIUM.HTML#google_vignette  http://www.numisbel.be/KBGN 175_De Lombaert.pdf provide a general overview.  Neither appear to have a comparable match. 

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    Posted (edited)

    Thank you very much. I am affraid I shall not be able to identify the halmarks, they are  not too clear.  The box is plain.



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