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    Soviet Medal for Military Merit - very high number

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    Hi all,


    A quick question to ask. A random pick up last week - a Soviet Medal for Military Merit with solid medal ring and number 3,163,931.

    Like I understand, then this example must be one of the very last ones that were issued as numbered award around end of 1947? But did they issued around 1947-48 still MMMs for WW2 service as a follow-ups or could be something more interesting and worth to get this number researched?


    Also got another one with the number 163,333 (on large medal ribbon plate sadly, that were used later stage on the Great War) that I believe is mid 1942 issued.

    Many thanks,





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    FCM 3,163,931 is 95% a long service award from 1946-1947. Researching these is a lottery with low chance of winning... You will find the name and so learn veteran's history (good), but there will not be a citation available to you (bad). I would personally withhold from researching unless this is the only one you want to keep in the collection.

    FCM 163,333 has a chance of being related to Stalingrad. Maybe 50/50... Close numbers (+100) above are for the rifle divisions involved in the Stalingrad battle around Dec 1942 - Jan 1943. But I also see a whole range of FCM numbers below (-70) from the Karelian front units... Personally, I would had this one researched.

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